October 19, 2018: Not OK Computer

So, my computer turns on, but that’s about it. All the lights on the keyboard and everything pop up and the fan starts a-whirrin’, but then nothing, blank screen and all. That’s probably not good, right?

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  1. I recently found a youtube channel that has radio broadcasts of old ballgames. So far, it seems to be games from the 1960s. I'm listening to the first game of the 1966 World Series (Baltimore at Los Angeles). Chuck Thompson and Bob Prince are on the broadcast. It's the third inning, and Prince starts talking about Dave McNally having a high pitch count. I guess maybe pitch count isn't something invented by the stat nerds to ruin the game with their analytics after all.

    1. And now McNally has been pulled in the third inning, having given up only one run and with his team ahead 4-1. I guess maybe a quick hook in the post-season isn't something invented by the stat nerds to ruin the game with their analytics, either.

          1. Managers tended to have quicker hooks back then. If a starter was bad, he was pulled early. If he wasn't, then pitch count didn't matter. I've seen Koufax's pitch counts were more bimodal but still ended up averaging a bit above 100. Four runs in two innings doesn't seem too terrible but I see his spot came up in the bottom of the second and he was pinch-hit for with two runners on and only an out.

            1. Managers tended to have quicker hooks back then.

              That can't be right. All the old school people tell me that every pitcher threw a complete game every time, and that if a manager had come to take a pitcher out the pitcher would've slugged him or something.

              1. Just for funsies, here's the 10th-highest number of Complete Games (i.e., bottom of the leader board), by season, for the 1960s

                Year Count Year Count
                1960 14 1961 13
                1962 16 1963 14
                1964 14 1965 14
                1966 12 1967 14
                1968 16 1969 18

                It would be interesting to see the histograms of innings per start for that period. That's above my b-r pay grade.

                1. Oooh. There is an Innings Pitched/Start column in the team starting pitching tables!

                  MLB averages by season:

                  Year Average Year Average Year Average Year Average
                  1960 6.4 1970 6.4 1980 6.3 2010 6.0
                  1962 6.4 1972 6.7 1982 6.2 2012 5.9
                  1964 6.3 1974 6.5 1984 6.3 2014 6.0
                  1966 6.3 1976 6.5 1986 6.2 2016 5.6
                  1968 6.6 1978 6.5 1988 6.4 2018 5.4
                  1. Things we thought we knew already but are actually true: the number of pitchers per game has trended up over time.

                    The average number of pitchers per team-game in 2018 was an all-time high of 4.36. In fact, the top 5 seasons for pitchers/game are, in order, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 and 2012. First season over 4: 2015. No subsequent season lower than 4. First over 3: 1990. No subsequent season under 3. First season over 2: 1946. No subsequent season lower than 2. Highest average in the 1960s was 2.65 (1965). Highest average in the 1950s was 2.44 (1958).

                    1. LaRussa started using his relievers for 1 inning at a time in 1988, I believe. That popularized having a closer for the 9th and a setup man for the 8th, etc., especially with a tie or lead. That lasted for a couple decades, and now it's becoming more popular to do matchup relieving left vs. left, etc., especially before the 9th so now relievers are more and more getting just 1 or 2 batters, especially with the lead. Also, managers are paying more attention to how many times batters see their starting pitcher.

            2. Big difference is bullpen usage is so specialized nowadays. In the opener for the Twins in 1965, both teams pulled their pitchers before getting an out in the fourth inning but both teams only used 2 relievers to finish the game. Managers today are deathly afraid of having key relievers unavailable the next game. If you're confident that you can get a CG the next day, you're more willing to use your closer for 2+ innings to win today's game. Managers were more willing to play it by ear then. The '65 Twins had 45 saves but only 21 from their closer. Even Jim Kaat had a couple saves. Of course, you could argue that it placed more wear and tear on pitchers' arms.

    1. I may be looking really good for a win here, but I am sooooo not excited about a LA-BOS world series. That just sounds terrible.

      1. I'm tired of Boston winning, but I personally like the players on their team a hell of a lot more than the ones on the Astros. The Dodgers are a blast. I think it'll be pretty fun? But I extremely disliked most of the teams in the postseason.

        1. I'd like to see Kershaw and Puig get rings, for sure. Machado has been a dick this postseason, but otherwise I can't really think of anyone that pisses me off over there. Its just the LA thing, really.

          1. Fair enough. The only not-Twins baseball cap I have is a Dodgers one because L.A. is basically my favorite place in the world and they have a great cap haha. They're my bandwagon team I guess.

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