20 thoughts on “October 22, 2018: Recruitment”

    1. South Dakota is going to have a class of six-man football next year. One of my schools, Sully Buttes, will qualify, but it sounds like they're going to continue to play nine-man for the time being.

  1. According to Darren Wolfson, Baldelli’s in Minneapolis to interview again today. He suggests the Twins could hire Baldelli & keep Derek Shelton as bench coach. If Meulens is out of the mix, this (or Shelton as manager, Baldelli as bench coach) would probably be my ideal arrangement. Hiring guys away from the Rays seems like a pretty good personnel strategy to me.

    1. If I'm Baldelli, I wouldn't be too keen on having the guy that was runner-up for my job to be my bench coach. That would be too easy for management to change their mind and go with the other guy. Plus, I would want to choose my own coaches.

  2. After about as easy a delivery as could be possibly expected, my wife had the baby last night (it’s not ours). All is well for her, the baby, and the baby’s mom. I think we’ll be heading soon in the next hour or so, and baby will head to his home tonight. Exciting times for all involved.

    1. Congratulations?!?

      On a serious note though, I’ve been thinking a lot about you guys. Good on you for being good folks. I’m happy that everyone is doing well.

      1. Could he have said no? I thought players weren't free agents until after the World Series ended and this was the exclusive window.

        1. Let me rephrase: The fact that he re-upped so quickly is interesting. Based on all the love talk, I would guess that he'd wait to hear what the Twins had to offer. Whether or not it's "legal", seems like one of these parties would have let the other know it wasn't going to happen.

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