17 thoughts on “October 24, 2018: Núñez”

  1. He has always had a thing for old cars, and he was obviously thrilled about this one. “We oughta take it for a ride,” he said. “We’ll go as far as we can get before the engine burns up!”

    I felt a surge of relief. Any dread about collaborating on a sober stock-taking, or having a philosophical dialogue about mortality, evaporated right then. Just a goddamn road trip—present tense, in the moment, see where it leads. Open the windows and let mortality blow away.

    A road trip, for new shoes & dessert, with John Prine in his ‘77 Cadillac. Not to be missed: Prine’s Bob Dylan stories & his thoughts on souls.

  2. Hold Steady in London March 8, 9 2019 tickets just went into Presale. MOVIES. I'm really hoping to make that trip. Sorry for those I missed at SurlyFest, my plans changed a bit so I was pretty incognito but I did spot a few citizens.

      1. Can you believe it was someone's 100th show? That's amazing. I politely reminded Sheenie during Surlyfest that she ordered me to miss the show opening for the Mats because the Valet was born four days later.

        1. That was a little crazy.

          I'd say that Mats show was my least memorable time seeing THS. Much different when they headline.

      2. It was great to see you and your wife.

        That was TPR's first Hold Steady show. She's not quite ready for a tattoo but she enjoyed it as a once off.

    1. Dr. Chop and I saw the hold steady in London a number of years ago. It was a good time, though seeing live music in a foreign land is ... strange?

        1. I saw Wilco ( with opener Biltzen Trapper ????) in Dublin.

          I was >this close< to seeing Lou Reed in Prague. Stupid visa issues.

      1. I saw Sturgill Simpson in London 4 years ago. It was pretty similar to seeing him at the Turf Club.

    1. Not just "former scout." It's the one who scouted Australia and Canada (and later Europe). Morneau, Kepler, and Balfour were among his guys.

  3. A friend pointed this out from the NY Times:

    Carol Shields, 75, a Republican in northern Minnesota, said she was afraid that migrant gangs could take over people’s summer lake homes in the state.

    “What’s to stop them?” said Ms. Shields, a retired accountant. “We have a lot of people who live on lakes in the summer and winter someplace else. When they come back in the spring, their house would be occupied.”

    I keep giggling about the idea that someone from South America would want to live in a seasonal cabin in northern Minnesota in the winter. I can't think of many less likely scenarios.

    1. Clearly they should be watching out for invaders from the north instead. It'll be like Red (maple leaf) Dawn all over again!

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