46 thoughts on “November 6, 2018: First Tuesday Voting Day”

  1. I'm working from home today so I don't have to drive all the way back here during lunch to vote. Gonna drop my son off at school and head to city hall.

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        1. We do roads here. After years of using my name, had a sudden panic trying to remember address and determining which table to head to. The lack of line forced me to quickly remember and choose. I also missed not just signing my name and instead was interrogated about "proper identification".

      1. You have options to leave your swamp of nacho cheese state? I’d like to think my neighbors in this state weren’t dim witted, but the evidence strongly suggests otherwise.

        On a different note, I applied for a job in said cheesy swamp.

  2. So my kid has worked as the main GOTV coordinator for the Tim Walz Governor campaign since Labor Day of 2017. Fourth person hired on the entire campaign and two before him have left. I won't tell you to vote for Walz, but think of me. Charlie is still living at home and he needs a permanent job so that he can move out. #getcharlieoutofthehouse

  3. Also, if you're undecided, I would be grateful if you didn't vote for the guy who says he has a secret list of my colleagues (and, who knows, possibly me) he plans to immediately fire if elected.

  4. One of the funniest things about election judging to me is that organizations will come and bring food for the judges , but only for the judges of the same political party. For example, we had Republican pizza and Democratic sammiches. We just put everything in the back for whoever, but I always think it's weird.

    1. Wow, that's weird. (Also, I guess I didn't realize election judges had a party affiliation, though I suppose and equal number from each party keeps things fair...)

  5. I was voter 775 at my precinct at around noon. There were ~2600 votes cast here in the last midterm. The people there trended younger than I’ve normally seen. I’ll blame the recreational cannabis bill for that.

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