43 thoughts on “November 7, 2018: You Know What’s Fun?”

  1. Winning is fun. As an organizer for the party's coordinated campaign, I was supporting all of the statewide races -- Senators, Governor/Lt. Governor, SOS, AG, and Auditor. Clean sweep.

        1. Actually, no. Those go back into the big metal box. There's a 100' length of plastic twine that you're supposed to use to make a blue chalk line indicating the distance you have to be from the door one has to be to engage in electioneering. Even though that length of twine is basically useless afterwards, that has to go back in the box too.

      1. Not meant in that spirit, mostly self-congratulatory, but I see your point. If someone with admin power wants to Spoiler it that's fine, the edit function has timed out for me.

  2. Was very pleased with the turnout at the precinct I worked at in Illinois. Lot of voter turnout. Had a couple of poll watchers as well, which was somewhat new.
    Results are mixed, but about what I expected.
    Thank you to everyone who went out and voted.
    Thanks to all who researched, and educated yourself on the issues and used that information to vote.
    I don't care what side you're on. If we take the time to get informed, know the issues, know what's going on, I feel that everyone will be better off in the end.

    1. I've done the Primary and this one and we had the same pollwatcher each time. Not sure what his job actually is because basically he would stop in 1-2 hours at a time, and just kind of hang out. He never questioned or challenged anything, just stayed out of the way and chatted with the EJs. I mean at the end of the night he grabbed a copy of the poll results, but didn't really do much besides that.

    2. In Minnesota we had roughly 2.6 million ballots out of 3.3 million registered voters. I believe there were more than half a million early ballots cast this year.

        1. I have probably one. Could maybe stretch the definition to two.

          I should probably restate it in this case though as "someone I was friends with in high school".

        1. I had a friend (i.e. someone I didn't like but I played poker with him) who was in the State House, but then got run out for mismanaging campaign finances.

    1. I ran once, back before I found SBG's old basement. Third-party, so there really wasn't a risk of anything which allow you to say "a friend from the internet has been reëlected to the Minnesota House of Representatives."

      1. Democratic Party, Melissa Hortman: 7,467
        Republican Party, Stephanie Olsen: 8,850
        Independence Party of America, AMR: 797

        So close!

          1. If things hadn't swung so R at the end of that campaign, I feel I would have had a good chance of denying the winning candidate a majority.
            Also: I learned I didn't like politics.

            1. No need to apologize... If I cared that much, I wouldn't mention it, or link to those things I put on the MOU.
              My desired level of anonymity is fickle, and I can't expect others to know what I prefer and what I don't.
              If I couldn't have edited it, I wouldn't have bothered you or Sean to do so, but I could, so I did.

              See why I didn't like politics? I saw it from your point of view and didn't impugn your reasons.
              The good thing about running is it brought my actual feelings into focus and cured me of some desires good and quick.

        1. Thanks! Why hypenate words like reëlect and coördinate, when diaereses are available? It makes the words feel metal!

  3. I see Pepper's already switched to her claret winter (but not deep-winter) jacket. I'm still rocking my spring/fall jacket plus hooded sweatshirt.
    I'll see how long I can keep that going. I've got a stocking cap in reserve in my backpack if it comes to that.

    1. Yes, it's true. I've needed to make up for some questionable sartorial choices*.

      * SelectShow

      P.S. I had a weird schedule today and didn't take my usual route. Did your bus happen to pass by while I was standing on the corner of 1st Ave and 3rd Street tonight?

      1. Yes, that is where.
        My schedule has been so erratic lately. You'd think I could get myself waking up at the same time every day, but some days I'm up before 6 and today I slept until 7.
        It's busy season, so I'm usually staying as late as the schedule of the rest of my life allows. Yesterday I had to come home "early" (meaning: "normal time" rest of the year).

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