24 thoughts on “November 8, 2018: 7 3s”

        1. The Twitter comments overwhelmingly think its Carew. More about the face profile than anything I'm guessing.

    1. Definitely someone from the 60's. Look at the guy with a tie and white shirt at the ballpark (even if it's an usher). Also looks like the woman with a headscarf.

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      1. Pretty sure it's a lefty-stance. Don't think it's Oliva, as his bat was more straight up and down. Don Mincher maybe?

          1. I think Mincher was more upright. And stockier.

            Bostock didn't straighten his lead arm as much; Hisle drops his lower elbow more; Brunansky rested his chin on his shoulder but didn't crouch so much, so my initial guesses aren't likely.

  1. I knew I was going to have potential trouble as soon as I saw my hotel room # -- a corner room on the end of the 14th floor. Despite the noisy heater running all night, I still woke up chilly, and finally pulled the duvet off the other bed and piled it on top of mine, too. Even then I wasn't entirely comfortable. How can those d@mn things be so insufficient when the weather cools down after being too warm any other time of the year?

  2. Kennys Vargas will play in Japan in 2018. I still think he could've hit if the Twins had just put him in the lineup and left him alone, but I realize that's a minority opinion and I'll never be able to prove it.

    1. I think it's reasonable to expect Vargas could have hit. Maybe even hung around an OPS+ of 110-125. But with his fielding, he would have had to hit closer to David Ortiz to be considered worth keeping. And I don't think he had that potential, but you never know.

      1. The fact that no MLB team picked him up on a flyer probably demonstrates the Beau's assessment is widely held.

        1. Getting a guaranteed $1.5M in Japan doesn't necessarily mean no one would take a flyer on him. Most likely means he wasn't offered a MLB contract even for the minimum. If/when Mauer officially retires, the Twins will be more in need of left-handed power at first base, so I would have been surprised if the Twins wouldn't have at least given him a minor league deal with an invite to spring training.

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