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      1. So much this. Contrast his "I was always aware people were watching and I needed to be a role model" with... soooo many other athletes (and other public persons).

  1. The sun is shining today. Huge improvement in air quality over the last 24 hours or so. When we pulled into the valley saturday afternoon, it looked like Mordor.

    so far, death toll in the 30s, more than 200 still missing. Bodies burned beyond recognition, per the county sheriff/coroner:

    “In some cases,” he added, “the fire burned so intensely that it burned everything to the ground, and in some cases it melted the metal. In those cases, it is possible the temperatures were high enough to completely consume the body.”

    1. Didn't realize my brother went back to visit friends at his alma mater on Thursday. Probably for the best that I didn't learn until yesterday that he was in Thousand Oaks.

    1. Seeing a lot of "Mauer should be a lock" articles lately. Makes me feel good about his chances -- as at least one article has mentioned, this is exactly what the five year waiting period is for.

      1. Yup. I've seen some people say that in five years, people will forget Mauer's catching as it will have been over 10 years since they saw it. But I think it'll be the opposite. It'll be five years of people reminiscing about his great catching years and focusing less on him being an average first baseman. He's 7th in catcher JAWS. Jay Jaffe will be a voter as will be many more of his ilk by 2023. I'm pretty confident he'll get in. Maybe not first ballot, but he'll get there.

        1. It will also help that there will be 3 Hall of Famers from St. Paul wanting to make it a fourth since they all get to vote. That would be amazing though having 4 from St. Paul in the Hall. That would also give the Twins 2 Hall of Famers that spent their entire careers with the team and Killebrew only had that 1 year in KC at the end of his career. I believe Carew and Blyleven would make it 5 in the Hall that wear Twins caps.

                    1. Sorry, I just didn't get it. Maybe because I didn't care enough to work out the Carl[e]ton joke.
                      But it worked regardless until bS started to pick at it.

      2. So, I have had multiple conversations with guests who I swear were always calling Mauer overrated, and are now telling me he belongs in the HOF. You can't drink the Barrerio Kool Aid for years and now change make nice.

          1. Eh, this about face makes me think that the average person still really just sides with the owners on the whole "the players are overpaid" argument.

            Though I like that it seems to mean that Joe has a legit shot at the HoF.

              1. Do you always stop and talk to a woman in a red dress?

                Assuming everyone's intentions are fulfilling needs they have in that moment is one of the tenants of my profession. It is a lot less stressful when you believe in people.

                1. Heh, there are a lot of thoughts that come attached to this sentiment. Suffice to say that I believe that very few people tend to be actively malevolent.

                  I also tend to believe that it's even less stressful to not invest a lot of personal concern over whether or not the average crank appreciates Joe Mauer. I know what he was, if they didn't see it, it's their loss and doesn't diminish my experience at all.

          1. I really like Motzko, which makes it just a bit more difficult to hate on Gopher hockey. That, and my son goes to the U and works at half full Mariucci on game days. Looks like the Huskies got a decent coach of their own though.

            1. I like it when there are lots of Minnesota teams at the top of the rankings, so it's disappointing to see the Gophers floundering already.

              1. I am still bitter about the Big 10 hockey thing. I also have too many memories of our first 10 years of DI hockey in which Gopher fans flooded our stands and the "Jan Brady" deal. Well guess what Gopher fans? Jan apparently grew up to be so much cooler and more successful than Marsha! So there.

                1. I just want the Huskies to win a national championship. They do that, they're bona fide legit. I thought last year was going to be it, but they fell down a few steps from the finish line.

  2. Lots of Mauer highlights shown after Thibodeau's postgame presser. I was working too long to see most of the Mauer stuff live, so I got a little misty just now.

    (Wolves note: what a pleasant event to see the game with the pall of Butler no longer hanging above. Bummer Covington and Saric weren't playing; I'm legit excited that this team could be good.)

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