17 thoughts on “November 15, 2018: Maybe More Surprisey”

    1. I have been in Riverside since Tuesday. Enjoying the clear air. Not looking forward to returning to the smoke-choked air around Sacramento, but thankful for not being in areas directly threatened by those fires. The wet season cannot start too soon.

      1. A good friend of mine from my school days in Minnesota lost his house in the Camp Fire. He was "living off the grid" in a house in the mountains outside of Concow, he was away from home at work when the fire hit. Miraculously his dog survived the fire and they were reunited a couple of days ago.

        1. All of the schools in the Sacramento region are closed due to smoke. It is really, really bad here and in the Bay. Not as bad as in the actual fire zone to be sure. But really bad. My eyes are burning and I am indoors.

    1. Interesting. University of Arkansas pitching coach. From the Athletics' Dan Hayes:

      Johnson’s bio said that prior to his arrival at Arkansas he had 30 pitchers under his tutelage in nine years who had been drafted or signed a pro contract. The past two seasons, the Razorbacks have had 11 more players drafted, including Blaine Knight, who was selected with the 87th pick of the 2018 amateur draft.

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