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  1. It's always amusing (or annoying, depending on POV) to see which Twins players Topps features each year. In 2018, throughout the various sets, the lion's share of inserts and featured cards have gone to Buxton, Sano, and Berrios, with the "breakout" players included in sets are Granite, Jorge, and Romero. Mauer of course gets a little love and Dozier to a lesser extent, and Kepler (who got in big last year) appears to sign anything and has a lot of certified auto cards already in his young career. The update set which came out later in the year had: Berrios (All-Star card), Odorizzi, Morrison, Littell, and Romero. Lots of Twins were overlooked, but Pineda got a card! Also getting a card in the flagship set: Slegers, Vargas (!), Hughes

    So, anyway, everyone loves the CSI: Topps posts, and I'm always looking at the photos on the new cards as they come out, but there has been a dearth of good in-game action photos to work with. Closest thing I've seen is this play:

    1. I'm guessing a triple to right field, given the positioning of the fielder, and lack of other fielders behind him. Almost looks more like a mirror-image pick-off at 1st. Edit: Nope, definitely not a mirror because the numbers are correct.

        1. That's what I thought, too, although that's a pretty high facade behind him, and it'd have to be a pretty crappy jump if the fielder is already waiting at the base for the catcher's throw. Third base is a possibility. He's still wearing a helmet; do players keep their helmet on on the basepaths? Looks like he has some batting body armor on his arm yet, too.

          Anyone got a lead on the opposing uniform? This was in series one, so good chance it's spring training, or late 2017.

          1. I agree it's third base, also based on the positioning of the distance marker on the outfield fence. That looks to me like the left-field line distance marker.

                1. That striping on the side of the pants looks too wide for the Clevelands.
                  And the Brewers have no stripes on the sides of their pants.
                  'Stros don't have a dark blue alt.
                  Nor do Padres.

                    1. Huh... Creamer only shows that as a home-uni option.
                      I've never really thought about it, but I don't like the pairing of white numbers and letters with the gray pants. Should be gray like on their BP uniform. For that reason, I think that wearing the blue tops on the road is an off-standard pairing.

              1. I looked at all 2017 games where the Indians played in Target Field, and didn't find any where Dozier tripled, stole third, or where Indians had an OF assist at third.

                1. 'Twas also a night game in September... wouldn't be that much sun. But the Padres did wear navy.
                  Same as the next day, and then they wore pinstripes (and the Padres wore gray).

    2. My best guess is this photo was taken during a Twins home Spring Training game against the Detroit Tigers.

        1. Could be one of those thumb protectors for sliding. I don't remember what batting protection Dozier wears.

        2. There's some video of him here.
          After the HBP, he removes a shin-guard (which isn't in the pic), and in the second while on third, he's got a longer glove on his left hand (like in the pic) (Video entitled: Seager's quick jumping catch).
          Sleeve length matches the game, too.
          I don't have time for screen grabs right now.

          1. Seager, the 3B for the Ms, wore the same-style Under Armor shoes.
            Cano, the 2B did not. Can't tell about the SS Motter.

          2. Looking at the compressed game video for 6/15/17. Pretty sure it's the WP allowing him to attain third in the first inning. Here's a screen grab at 1:07:

            And at 1:08 showing the fielder (Seager's) pose

            No throws to base on him in the second inning.
            When he was forced out in the 6th, Cano got the forceout. But Dozier didn't slide and Cano has the wrong skin color, glove color, and shoe style.

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