December 2, 2018: Dump The Sump Pump Bumps

After a blizzard, we've been having a lot of thunderstorms and rain which is making a mess of things. It's also reminding me I really need to fix that sump pump from banging.

12 thoughts on “December 2, 2018: Dump The Sump Pump Bumps”

  1. The WWI Memorial and Museum had a lot of great stuff to go over; I wish we'd had more time. I was interested in the report that the 1918 flu epidemic was first reported in Haskell County, KS and Fort Riley, and was taken to Europe by soldiers from there, which conflicts with studies that the Spanish Flu actually originated in China. I guess historical forensics isn't an easy thing.

  2. I've been tasked with assembling two Ikea dressers today. I'm not sure if anyone has ever accomplished such feat.

      1. One time in one day I did one dresser, two nightstands, and two end tables. And I only had to restart from scratch on one of the nightstands.

          1. In an effort to make you feel better, cheaps, we have an Ikea headboard for our bed, which features several screwholes on the front from overscrewing the wrong-length screws in from the back.

            As the Mrs and I were assembling, I figured out that we had the wrong screws just as I heard her crunching through the front of the headboard in an effort to get the screws flush in back.

            "Uh, hunny, stop!"


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