December 3, 2018: Best Of 2018 Schedule

We'll do the Best Of series starting from next Monday. I'll get an email out eventually but here will be the lineup:

12/10: Rhubarb_Runner
12/11: Philosopher
12/12: CarterHayes
12/13: Daneekas Ghost
12/14: freealonzo
12/15: AMR
12/16: nibbish
12/17: Beau
12/18: New Guy
12/19: Zack
12/20: Pepper
12/21: New Britian Bo

Feel free to start setting up whenever.

23 thoughts on “December 3, 2018: Best Of 2018 Schedule”

      1. Hell, if they really are bent on keeping Thibs around, maybe Hoiberg would come in as an assistant to draw up plays coming out of time outs.

        Ok, sorry, I know, I know, the control freak HC who insists on a dual HC/GM role is not going to delegate anything to anyone. Would be interesting to see what Hoiberg brought if they did dump Thibs. Casey has gotten some good wins for Detroit this season, would be interesting to see how he would run the Wolves, too.

        The NBA should do a special edition season some year and just rotate coaches from team to team, like speed dating. That and Lebron should rotate around to every team, always playing at home, so each team gets to see what it might be like to have Lebron on their side. #wwerunsthenba

  1. Not a stellar weekend for my Huskies as they tied and lost on the road, both games in overtime. That allows Massachusetts to move into the number one spot in the rankings. SCSU drops to number two, followed by Minnesota State, UMD, Notre Dame and Denver.

      1. Not sure, but there's a 1909 card of his on Ebay right now for just $15,500. How much is in the WGOM coffers?

  2. NBBW and I got to watch the Patriots toss the Queens around last night in Foxboro. Pro-tip #1: get the VIP parking and miss the postgame hours delay on Hwy 1. Pro-tip #2: rain ponchos.

    Fun to see Brady tie P. Manning for most passing touchdowns in NFL'dom (579th career touchdown pass). N.E. fans were nice to purple-clad fans, as opposed to what was recounted to me about a recent Philadelphia game.

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