11 thoughts on “December 4, 2018: Chag Urim Sameach”

  1. part of the beauty of Hannukkah Hanukkah Chanuka Channukka the holiday is that it lasts for 8 nights. So, no big deal!

  2. I’m a bit disappointed that the Twins didn’t appear to be in the mix for Jean Segura, who strikes me as a savvy add by the Phillies. Maybe the front office has reservations about his performance, but with the payroll space and the option to shift Polanco to second, I think the Twins missed an opportunity to make a significant improvment to the infield while not blocking Royce Lewis when he’s ready. I get that Sanó & Buxton’s severe regressions altered the intended roadmap, but I really hope this isn’t another offseason of half-measures and low-upside additions.

    1. The Phillies are committed to paying $60M to Segura through 2022. I don't see how that wouldn't be blocking Royce Lewis. I certainly hope he would be ready well before 2023.

      1. There’s no reason that commitment would prevent a team from shifting Segura over to second to make way for a prospect like Lewis. Assuming Lewis comes up for good in late 2020 or to start 2021, that would shift Segura to second late in his age-30 or for his age-31 season. Polanco & Segura would both be free agents in 2023, so one or the other could be traded when Lewis is up, or Polanco could move into a super-utility role.

  3. So, talking to Nibbish before cribbage league tonight as he greedily drank a double shot double black ale (bent paddle) right in front of me. Cribbage has gotten crazy around here. We are up to 112 players in our leagues. 16 teams at 6pm on Monday through Wednesday nights. 8 teams at 830pm on Wednesday nights. 15 teams on a waiting list to get in a league. A 64 team tournament in the works for March (for charity-local hospice program). I would have never guessed....

  4. Amazing stat of the day from Baseball Reference -- it listed the pitchers which faced the most batters a third time in a game, and Mr Kyle Gibson was seventh with 231. Remember the days when we begged and pleaded to get him out of the game by that point?

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