20 thoughts on “December 5, 2018: Crunch Time”

  1. Just booked an evening on Mauna Kea summit sightseeing and sky watching when we're there in February. I was booked for this tour five years ago, but it happened to be one of the few nights a year that get cancelled due to weather. Got my fingers crossed for this time around.

    Last time around I did poke my head into the Gemini North control building just across the street from 'Imiloa Astronomy Center in Hilo, but it's not the peak. I think the last couple serious telescope sites I've visited are the Great Equatorial Telescope at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, England, and the multiple observatories at the top of Kitt Peak near Tucson. Nice of Mrs. Runner to allow me these side excursions

    1. Looks like they don't do them in February, unfortunately, but if you return again, Subaru telescope runs tours during the day where they let you get up close to see the telescopes. As far as I know, they have the tour that lets you see the most.

      Keck has a "Visitor's Gallery" at the summit, but it's really just a small room with a window that lets you look at the telescope in the distance. They evidently also have volunteers that talk with people that come to visit the Keck headquarters in Waimea. Last time I observed at Keck (over 10 years ago now) they didn't have much for visitors to do at the headquarters, but I get the impression that, with the ongoing TMT construction controversy, most of the big telescopes on the Big Island have greatly increased their public outreach, so there may be more available now.

      1. I'm just doing a summit tour -- don't really need to get up close and personal, but it'll get me up there near the giants, and there's some nice high altitude observing a little further down later, too.

  2. I made the bs Indian non-instapot curry for dinner tonight. Dr. Chop thought it was the best thing I’ve made since at least last week. I subbed out chickpeas for the shrooms, used a bit of pan fried tofu, and threw in a handful of green peas for color. Was mighty delicious. I also ran out of rice, but served it over left over baked sweet potato. Seriously good eats.

    1. I read through that recipe and considered commenting. Then I saw that I already made essentially that exact same comment two months ago. Evidently I am consistent and forgetful.

  3. I was feeling run down and had pretty swollen glands in my throat on Sunday so I did some vitamin C mega-dosing on Monday. Four screwdrivers knocked that virus into next week.

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