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    1. That seems like ESPN creating controversy where there is none. Embiid's quotes said "the last couple of games" and never mentioned Jimmy. The first 9 games after the trade, Embiid averaged 28 points and 14 rebounds, basically the same as he had pretrade. The last 3 games he's struggled with just 14 points and 11 rebounds, which would match "the last couple of games" like in the quote. And in the first of those 3 games, he only played 22 minutes because it was a blowout win.

  1. Twayn signal. From back in October, concerns about throttle position sensor.

    Today, ODB-II reading was P0303, cylinder 3 misfire signal.

    I'm going to check the plugs, since I think I'm about due for changing them. But teh Googles suggest that this trouble code is consistent with a faulty throttle position sensor. Gonna try unplugging the sensor to see how it idles.

      1. Apparently, 4-cylinder engines perform better when all four cylinders are operating correctly. Who knew?

  2. My great-nephew had a second successful ride in the bareback, scoring seventy-eight points. That puts him into fourth place in the Junior National Finals Rodeo. He'll ride one more time, in the finals.

    1. Baines is a ridiculous selection for induction. He played for a long time, and the injury that pushed him to DH was unfortunate, but it took him 22 seasons to compile roughly the same career rWAR as Kent Hrbek. I love Hrbie as much as anyone, but I know he wasn't a HoFer.

      This should, by rights, bode well for Tony Oliva, who was similarly robbed by a knee injury, yet still totaled an All-Star season's more career rWAR than Baines in 7 fewer seasons.

        1. Aye. The Baines selection is just silly.

          Even if you ignore the dWAR issues to focus on oWAR, his career total there (40.7) barely exceeds Hrbie's (37.5) and Oliva's 38.4. And falls well short of Mauer's 53.0.

          His peak was unimpressive. A grand total of ONE oWAR season north of 4.0 (4.4 in 1984, Hrbie had two), only 3 more seasons at/above 3.0 (Hrbie had four). Contrast that with Oliva's two at/above 5.0, four more above 4.0, and two more above 3.0. Or Dale Murphy (46.5 rWAR; 48.9 oWAR; two seasons with oWAR > 7, two more > 6, two more > 5 and one > 4; two MVPs and 7 A-S games).

            1. apparently, 2,800 is the new 3,000. It's like ice cream containers going from half gallon to 1.75 quarts to 1.5 quarts.

    2. Edgar, maybe. I just can't imagine Joe Nathan as a Hall of Famer.

      Then again, I couldn't see Baines as a Hall of Famer, either.

      Like Beau says, I'm more interested in seeing the people I want in the Hall inducted, rather than those that I don't excluded.

      1. Smith: 132 ERA+, 2.93 FIP, 29.4 rWAR, 478 saves in 1,289.1 innings and 802 GF
        Nathan: 151 ERA+, 3.36 FIP, 26.3 rWAR, 377 saves in 923.1 innings and 587 GF

        If there is an argument for Smith (beyond the counting stat of saves, there probably is an argument to be constructed for Nathan.

        But good reiteration of the Beau point.

    3. Baines' career OPS+: 121
      Edgar's career OPS+: 147.

      Baines' career oWAR: 40.7
      Edgar's career oWAR: 66.9

      Yea, I'd say this bodes well for Edgar.

      1. Heck, it bodes well(er) for Tony too, for that matter. Tony's career is a pretty darn close match to Baines' total CWS years. But better. And Baines didn't play through the pitcher's decade.

        Baines led the AL only one time, in slugging in 1984; Tony lead the AL in slugging in 1971, plus Runs, Hits, Doubles, BA, and TB in his rookie year, and Hits, Doubles, BA, SF, IBB, HBP in other years. And played seven seasons fewer.

          1. I guess I would trade Baines getting in for Tony O getting in. I just don't think it will stop with Baines.

      2. I don't think anything the Veteran's Committee does has any impact on what the BBWAA does. But yeah, if the BBWAA didn't vote for Edgar, it looks like the new Veteran's probably would.

        I agree it bodes well for the likes of Tony Oliva and other fringe guys who are popular and have good classic stats. Unsure if this helps Whitaker, Grich, and Evans.

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