FMD — Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

So the Rock and Roll 2019 Inductees came out yesterday. Here they are:

• The Cure
• Def Leppard
• Janet Jackson
• Stevie Nicks
• Radiohead
• Roxy Music
• The Zombies

I guess no big surprises. Well Def Leppard is a surprise. I like big dumb hair metal like anyone else but in the Hall of Fame? Whatever.

Was surprised The Zombies weren't already there. Can't be many boomer-centric bands left who haven't been inducted.

What do you think of the inductees? Upset Devo didn't make it?

Drop 'em if you got 'em.

31 thoughts on “FMD — Rock and Roll Hall of Fame”

  1. I think this is the most mainstream R10 I've ever had.
    I went to 11 to find something a bit more unusual.

    1. Michael Jackson “Beat It” The Essential
    2. The Cinematic Orchestra “To Build a Home” Live at the Royal Albert Hall
    3. Dido “Thank You” No Angel
    4. Tricky “Feed Me” Maxinquaye
    5. Matthew Dear feat. Tegan and Sara “Horses” Bunny

    6. Faithless feat. Dido “One Step Too Far” Outrospective
    7. Smashing Pumpkins “Zero” Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
    8. E. C. Ball with Orna Ball “When the Saints Go Marching In” E. C. Ball with Orna Ball
    9. Johnny Cash “I'll Fly Away” My Mother's Hymn Book
    T. Underworld “Born Slippy .NUXX” Born Slippy
    E. Duoteque “Drug Queen”* You Know All About Drags EP

    E. This contains a sample of an interview:
    Man: "You know a lot about drugs."
    Woman: "It's great".
    This same interview was more extensively sampled by My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult for the song "A Daisy Chain 4 Satan" and by Meat Beat Manifesto for "Acid Again":

  2. Still no MC5. No Devo is also lame. Def Leppard is a joke (along with Bon Jovi and all the other questionable but commercial inclusions). Also, and I'm speaking from ignorance here: was Stevie Nicks' solo career that good?

      1. I won't argue the Devo point, but Nicks wrote a whole bunch of pretty good pop songs.

        As for the Zombies (mentioned down-thread in the post), they broke up right when they released their only album. It was a GREAT album, but....

  3. 01. "S'cooled" – Blood OrangeCoastal Groves
    02. "On My Own" – WhitneyLight Upon The Lake
    03. "When You Dance You Can Really Love" – Neil YoungAfter The Gold Rush
    04. "MKVI" – Speedy OrtizMajor Arcana
    05. "Jocko Homo" – DevoQ: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo
    06. "Walk On By" – Isaac HayesHot Buttered Soul
    07. "Too Bad About You" – Eleni MandellThrill
    08 "Carry Me Out" – MitskiBury Me At Makeout Creek
    09. "I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man" – PrinceSign '☮' The Times
    10. "No Provenance" – Joanna NewsomHave One On Me

  4. 1. If I Could Only Win Your Love--Emmylou Harris
    2. Send in the Clowns--Judy Collins
    3. If Not For You--George Harrison
    4. Will It Go Round In Circles?--Billy Preston
    5. Piano Man--Billy Joel
    6. I Don't Want to Miss a Thing--Aerosmith
    7. Uncle John's Band--Grateful Dead
    8. Miracles--Jefferson Starship
    9. The House You Live In--Gordon Lightfoot
    10. All I Have To Do Is Dream--Everly Brothers

  5. Hall of Rock and Roll Mediocrity. I am so over Hall of Fame buzz in every aspect. I was a fan of The Cure and Harold Baines growing up. Neither belong in any Hall of Fame anywhere. Snore.

    1. Before anyone leaps on my choice of The Cure in my rant, I really loved their music growing up. I still listen to them a lot in my various playlists. I single them out as I do really like their music. However, Hall of Fame should be reserved for greatness. Give me some longer longevity. Give me higher heights of great music. When I think of Hall of Fame, I think of The Beatles, The Stones, The Who, The Eagles, Led Zeppelin, U2, Elvis, Clapton, Michael, etc. It should be exclusive and not inclusive.

      1. However, Hall of Fame should be reserved for greatness.

        as the responses to the list article zooomx linked shows, we don't exactly have consensus on what constitutes "greatness" or "impact" or "influence" or whatever. We have one metric -- sales -- with some objective validity. I'm not saying that this means that ABBA "deserves" admission while some garage band with no top-40 hit doesn't. Just that the arguments are pretty much all stemming from personal preferences rather than principles and externally valid metrics.

        Rhu complained about Bob Seger, for example. Why? Surely his body of productive work, stretching over more than 20 years, meets a "compiler" standard if nothing else. And there were some great songs. "Night Moves" alone makes him worthy of notice.

        1. I'm not complaining about HOF worthiness, I'm complaining about a ranking within someone's article. But also Bob Seger is overrated, (and yes I like "Night Moves" as much as I hate "Old Time Rock and Roll")

          I'd like to think that primarily an artist's ability to advance music should be a major contributor to their HOF legacy, which is why bands like Devo, Sex Pistols, Beatles, Yes, Kraftwerk, Bee Gees, Elvis, Bob Dylan, Nirvana to name a few definitely deserve consideration notwithstanding their bodies of work. Stevie Nicks (or Phil Collins, or et al) are just examples of compiling on their legacies after/before their major contributions outside of their band work. There, that rambled enough.

          The problem I have is that there is no "broadcasters' wing" of the Rock and Roll HOF (is there?) for someone like Brian Eno, who has a nice career with Roxy or solo works, but was a major producer and innovator.

          1. there is some sort of b.s. wing for "contributors" or some such, I think. How else does a thief like Ahmet Ertegun get in?

    2. I really don't care who is in. I do like there is a place with memorabilia, etc. And I like the performances that bring different artists together.

      What criteria should be used? Commercial success? Influence? Quality of work? Fame?

  6. Strange Magic - ELO
    Aint Even Done With the Night - John Mellencamp
    Prodigal Son - Rolling Stones
    Only in Dreams - Weezer
    Lights - Journey

    Nothing Compares U - Sinead O-Conner
    Sour Girl - Stone Temple Pilots
    Alcohol - The Kinks
    Murder By Numbers - The Police
    Time Wounds All Heels - Nick Lowe

    1. There are actually a couple of songs there that could show up on my list!

      I don't know if I just complimented you or insulted you.

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