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    1. He was a year ahead of me at Augsburg. During that time, I took in exactly one basketball game, as a highschool classmate was the visitor.

  1. Well, pretty much a Christmas tradition the past 10 years or so. I work Xmas Eve til 4. Usually a past co-worker and his wife stop on their way to Grand Forks and we catch up. I feed those who work on this day a prime rib dinner. Then off to candlelight service at church followed by sitting at home with my wife and kids watching silly movies. Christmas day is just the 4 of us and we never get out of our pajamas, even if we decide to catch an evening movie at the local theater.

    Wed-Friday we will be down in Edina as my daughter has her last holiday hockey tournament (girls high school - Walser tourney). We draw Edina the first game. #1 in the state in AA. See if we can pull a David to their Goliath. Not sure of our schedule after Wed night game. But I have a feeling I may check out a few local breweries over the 3 days.

    Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! Cheers everyone!

    1. We celebrated last night with my parents. I overcooked the ribeye roast 😣. But we had latkes (as one does), so all was good.

      My dad brought a growler of Russian Imperial Stout from the local brewery as my present. Perfect!

    2. Dropped some friends off at the airport, got some raking done, then I'll grab lunch, shower, and head off to church. Mrs Runner will be presorting the offerings (otherwise Wednesday will be helping for her) while I help serve communion the first two services and sing at the last two, helping out where needed otherwise. Some good friends have open house every year, so we'll meet Runner daughter and the dog there and sample drinks and eat too much, and when we can't keep our eyes open anymore we'll drive home and wait for Santa.

      1. Christmas Eve service at the local nursing home at 2:00, in Agar at 3:30, in Gettysburg at 5:00, in Onida at 7:00. Then we go to Mrs. A's parents for the remainder of the evening and tomorrow, coming home tomorrow evening before the expected snowstorm hits.

    3. Tonight/tomorrow is just us and kids. Cornish game hens for dinner, mass, then opening presents. Wake up too early, see if Santa came, then a hearty brunch and, if I'm lucky a nap on Christmas day.

      Celebrated with my side of the family this weekend: My folks, all 12 surviving kids, 10 spouses/fiancees, and 21 grandkids. A small, quiet affair, really. The highlight for me was getting away for an hour to play racquetball with my youngest brothers. Also a family who really stepped up to the plate with gift-giving, doing that thing we talked about last week where people absolutely gave gifts that demonstrated a real love and understanding of the person getting it. Honestly, probably the best Christmas we've ever had on that side.

      My in-laws don't stand a chance.

    4. For the first time since the jalapeño was born, I'm not going to be up late on Christmas Eve baking or wrapping presents (or both). The jalapeño helped significantly with making the rolls (it's a great no-knead recipe, though usually I increase the salt and I just realized I forgot to), and he hung out with me in the kitchen while I got the French Toast together so it can be baked in the morning.

      For once I might not be utterly exhausted come Christmas day!

  2. There is "suburban graffiti" and flags throughout much of the subdivision, and rolls of fiber optic cable. We have three flags so far in the front yard (water, I think). What does this mean? I'm guessing anticipation, lots of waiting, and frustration...but we'll see!

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