12 thoughts on “December 26, 2018: Shopping Extravaganza”

  1. Good morning from the Land of Enchantment. Snow is in the forecast. I am going to curl up with my book (Alan Taylor's _American Colonies_).

  2. I won the WGOM Fantasy Football league. I wouldn’t bring it up, but I haven’t won a single league since 2009. Makes me almost crazy enough to play fantasy baseball again...

          1. Actually considering how badly I hosed up my draft I was surprised at how well I did this year.

    1. In my other fantasy league, I was playing in the 11th place game and scored more points than the team that won the championship game (or anybody else, for that matter). Last year, I barely snuck into the playoffs as the lowest seed and then won it all thanks to Todd Gurley going off for 3 weeks.

  3. It's a Boxing Day Miracle! Gophers dominate a bowl game and win by 24 against a team who's longtime beloved coach was coaching his final game and the Wolves are winning a road game by more than 20 points. The real miracle will be if they win by more than 10.

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