13 thoughts on “December 31, 2018: Happy New Horizons

    1. NY Eve - I am working. Had to drop my wife off at work at 630am due to lots of snow everywhere (again). Stopped by work to shovel before the snowplow showed up. Went home and blew snow for an hour and a half. Back to work and here until 8 or 9 pm. The Winter Storm Warning for these parts will not help sales.

    2. No. I am hoping to take Wednesday afternoon and Thursday off to go visit my parents, assuming the weather straightens out by then.

    3. I make my own hours (but I'm usually really mean to myself about it...). Putting in an easy half day, to wrap up a few small items before the end of the year. Wednesday is going to be an insane start to the new year though...

      1. As you know, that's the thing about making your own hours. Yes, you can choose when you take time off, but the work's just going to sit there and wait for you. When you take time off, you're going to pay the price for it.

        1. This, so much. I love being in charge, far more than the downside, but that downside is that there's no paid time off, and there is no one to step up if I'm gone.

    1. A missed opportunity to weave in the F.F. State (mental) Hospital, the one we were threatened with in middle school.

  1. I feel that every time I get to watch to Wolves, their opponents seem able to drain 3s no matter how in their faces the Wolves are. I'm not sure if that's their fault or my fault.

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