January 9, 2019: Cooks Wanted

What's goin on in yo kitchen? Need some volunteers for The Nation Has An Appetite. The first spot will be Monday, so let me know if you'd rather go later than that (or if you have a preferred month).

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    1. Let us know, because my wife has an early flight on Friday. She's not sure how early she's gonna need to be there if TSA is understaffed/undermotivated. Right now we're slated to leave the house at 4AM to get here there in what she feels is an early enough window.

      1. A friend of mine needs to fly up here from New York next week to come bonspieling, so really need this shut down to end soon. (also, my wife works for a federally funded program. They have funds through the month, but are unsure after that (its possible the county picks them up), so this is all starting to get stressful.)

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