January 10, 2019: Would You Rather?

Got a trip coming up and I'm trying to decide which order to go in.

Would you rather stay overnight in which of these American cities?

  • Charlotte, NC (72%, 13 Votes)
  • Cleveland, OH (28%, 5 Votes)

Total Voters: 18

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36 thoughts on “January 10, 2019: Would You Rather?”

  1. Dozier going east. After 2017, I would not have guessed he'd get a one year deal, but not that surprised after 2018.

    1. He missed his payday by a couple years, being that teams aren't giving out big time contracts anymore.

      1. Well, i mean, I think that Harper and Machado are going to show us that the era of the big contract isn't exactly over.

        I think Dozier's two biggest problems are the obviously terribly timed down year and the fact that 2Bs with meh contact and plus power seem to be a dime a dozen these days.

  2. I trust everyone is suitably excited for the returns of "The Good Place" and "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" tonight.

    To me, this is possibly one of my favorite back-to-back hours of TV ever (phrased as such to exclude hour-long shows like "Justified")

    1. NBC is annoyingly hard to get in at my house (CBS is impossible). TGP and the occasional sporting event is the only reason I need broadcast signal. Might have to catch it online tomorrow.

  3. Been busy lately, but I thought I'd stop by and mark some time. Yes, it is now January, which means I'm here to note that NDSU has won another FCS National Title. That's 7 in 8 years. Not. Bad.

    1. I submitted the Kinboutwillis. For the question asking why, I answered "Different strokes for different folks,"

  4. SWA finally alerted that due to predicted storm they're allowing schedule changes with no upcharge. I have the choice of a couple flights through Midway with the potential of getting stranded there, or nonstop but butt early. Guess I'm going to bed real early tonight...

  5. As one of the 5 Cleveland voters, I defend my vote by saying that Charlotte is sterile and boring whereas for one night you can find some real interesting neighborhood bars, restaurants and other interesting sites in Cleveland.

    1. You’ve articulated my vote with precision. Someone once told me that Charlotte is a cleaner, nicer version of New Orleans. If that’s the case then why bother?

    2. I agree with everything free said about Cleveland. As a boring, middle aged man, I protest the characterization of Charlotte, however. I mean, it's not Atlanta for God's sake.

        1. Of course any City of a couple hundred thousand or more people will have some interesting places to see , especially if you are there for just one night. But man, the time I spent in Charlotte all I could find was chain restaurants, sleepy bars, and sidewalks that rolled up at 6:30p.

  6. I've definitely stayed in Charlotte more often than Cleveland, but I still dig the former. That said, though the weather will likely be kinder down south, I might go with Cleveland this time.

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