13 thoughts on “January 11, 2019: Spark Joy”

  1. Tragic day in neighboring Davisville. Officer responds to 3-car crash downtown. Is shot to death. Suspect later found to have died by suicide.

    Officer was 22, just a few weeks on the job.

  2. I've watched a few of episodes of Kondo's show. My system is largely hers, and I didn't evne know it.

    Now to just implement it.

    I will say watching that show has given me an urge to get off my butt and do something about it.

    1. I used her method on my clothing a couple of years ago and have been very pleased since then (though I don't fold my clothes as she recommends). I'd be thrilled to apply it to other areas, though it's hard to want to deal with stuff like paperwork during my limited "free time" in the evenings, which may not start until 10pm.

      There's been a recent kerfuffle in the book world about whether Kondo doesn't want people to own books or wants them only to own books on happy topics, but having read her book back when it came out, it seems to me like much ado about nothing.

      1. I went through my books over the fall. A lot more made the cut than didn't. Mostly stuff l'd read, my wife didn't want to , and I wasn't going to re-read.

        They all got distributed among Free Little Libraries so that hopefully their journeys can continue

        1. I took all the books from Floor 3 down to Floor 1 and sorted them into 3 piles: not going to read (Good Will), want to keep in MN for future re-read, and still want to read. Physically moving the books helps in this process.

  3. I knew our winters have been pretty lame lately, but apparently today's storm will be the first in five years to total over 5" (as recorded at Lambert International)

  4. With the old boiler in H'istan (Oil heating) I had bought a new water regulator pump (McKesson or suchat) several years ago. But then due to some issues, we had to replace the boiler with a new system several years ago.

    So I had bought this new huge device (McKesson boiler float) that would regulate the water flow into our steam system. But the old boiler failed, was replaced, and this gadget was never going to be used. I posted to Craig's list. Crickets. Yesterday I walked it to the curb, and noted the time. Usually anything with metal (and copper) is gone in an hour, but this took several hours, but it's gone.

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