January 12, 2019: Guaranteed

This is the 50th anniversary of Joe Namath's guaranteed victory over the Baltimore Colts in the Super Bowl. Personally, I'm tired of all the winning.

23 thoughts on “January 12, 2019: Guaranteed”

  1. Anybody have a PicoBrew? An old college friend recently got one and seems to like it. Seems pretty spendy (~$400 plus like $28 per brew pack to make 1.3 gallons, plus kegs and other add-ons). But I don't have any Mancave space to brew or the leave from the Missus to mess up the house, nor really the time to get into home brewing proper until I retire (still about 8 years away).

    1. Like a bread maker for beer? I enjoy standing around the boiling wort and making the house smell like a brewery.

    2. What meat said. My 6+ hour days out on the deck is one of the best features of the DIY setup. That said, it sounds like that thing works pretty well and does allow for some customization, so might be a good entry ivy the world is a full system isn't in the cards yet.

  2. I just drilled a hole into my old weber kettle, and then began grinding an opening for a new electric element. Electric smoking!?!? I know, scandalous indeed. I smoked a brisket on my dad's big chief electric smoker over the holidays, and realized that I've been a fool all along. The element I got will also allow me to cold smoke cheese, herbs, and salts. Now to home despot for the first of probably many trips to finish this project so I can smoke pork tomorrow.

          1. I've recently discovered that vaping did not produce the paranoia that I used to get that caused me to quit that stuff altogether. It was a nice revelation.

  3. We've had a Top Ten snowfall for StL and it may go up a bit more. Spent 3-4 hrs shovelling along with a couple neighbors' blowers and cleared several driveways, and got to visit with some we hadn't chatted with in quite a while. Looking forward to the spicy chili and hot cider

  4. A friend of mine just posted this picture, which he took in his back yard. I figured some of the birders might enjoy.

    1. Adult Red-shouldered Hawk, of the California subspecies (which has a much paler head than the ones we see in MN).

          1. As you said "friend" not "neighbor", I wanted to cover my bases. Really glad it wasn't in Minnesota or anything (because then I would have been wrong).

    1. I am done with Jeff Teague's pounding the rock, then drive to the free throw stripe and stopping, then frantically trying to find someone with 4 seconds left on the shot clock.

      KAT has been beasting for since at least Christmas and its been awesome to watch

      1. This game was tons of fun. I think this team heads back to the playoffs, particularly if Covington isn't too badly hurt. I'm hoping they keep Saunders at the helm for a while.

          1. 40ish games left only about 3 games behind the 8th seed, its not impossible to get in to the playoffs.

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