35 thoughts on “January 14, 2019: Cribbage”

    1. Put me in if needed to fill an even amount of teams/brackets. If you are full, I am fine with watching from afar.

      1. I'm imagining Gardy being told that his team had just hired someone to be the team's "Director of Strategic Initiatives".

    1. This makes sense to me going as far back as Barry Bonds's involuntary retirement, despite him being able to help most teams increase run-scoring and winning.
      Bonds himself was persona non grata to a large part of most teams' fanbases, and most owners' and GMs' regard for him as radioactive was probably good individual decisions for each of them.
      I doubt that any team would have added to their revenues by having him on their roster the next year.

    2. This is the part that I found most interesting:

      A better avenue would seem to be demanding that MLB change its revenue-sharing structure to weaken some of the perverse incentives it creates against spending money on players

      For years people have argued for more revenue sharing to limit the Yankees and help everyone else. Instead, it seems MLB has to simultaneously limit the effects of teams with huge revenues while not reducing the effect wins have on revenue. They need tickets to act as if they cost $1,000 while not actually costing that much.

  1. I bought a house from a guy I work with. Overall a good experience. Had some issues,but as he told me repeatedly sold as is. I kind of jokingly suggested he buy my shit box of a car for his eldest some to get around town with. I reminded him that it’ll be sold as is which is in shit condition.

    All of this leads me to ask, what advice do y’all have for buying a car. I absolutely loathe the idea of car lots and car salespeople and financing.

    1. Cars.com is what I used when I bought a car. You can filter things down to specific makes/models, years, prices, etc. that you want to search for. The helpful filter for me was filtering down to cars with free Carfax/AutoCheck reports. I was able to have an idea if the car was worth looking at, and I checked to see if the dealerships were no haggle. Both cars I bought were pretty painless when I did this. I did financing through a local bank.

    2. I just bought new cars for our last two cars and that process was much easier than buying a used car. I loathe the haggling process as well, but there's not much choice but to engage. Just make sure to bring some snacks with you to make it through the paperwork process.

      Also, remember, three pedals is the correct number of pedals.

    3. Small town "dealer" (mechanic with a dealer's license). They found us a car 10 years ago that has served us amazingly well and is still going, then found my in-laws a mini-van that ultimately became ours and served us well too. No hassles, great prices (cash was an option for us. We've never carried a car loan.), they know the vehicle, etc.

      This option may not be available everywhere.

  2. Blake Parker deal officially complete. John Curtiss DFA-ed to make room for him. Parker's deal only guarantees $1.8M. Another $1.4M in incentives, which is basically staying on the active roster all year (and not on the DL).

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