42 thoughts on “January 16, 2019: Third-Stringers”

    1. Crap, that reminds me I owe Snackerud from a bet 10 years ago. I have to shame myself by taking him to a Gophers game while wearing a Gophers jersey. It was a hockey bet..

    2. Shane's the best. His old legislative tracker was a HUGE part of getting Target Field built.

          1. And quickly thickened, making movement impossible. Imagine seeing the surface inches above you and unable to move to fill your aching lungs.

                  1. A long time ago, I worked for a really rich dude - he had an apartment in the Four Seasons in San Francisco. He told me that he and his wife went to a fancy spa - they had a menu of things to do. Our guy picked the Sensory-Deprivation Chamber.

                    They put him into a little boat-like floating thing inside an enclosed space-pod. Saul said that they shut the door, and then opened it a minute later - he's like - is there some problem? - they said 'You've been in here for an hour.'

    1. The cleanup in the immediate area took weeks, with several hundred people contributing to the effort, and it took longer to clean the rest of Greater Boston and its suburbs. Rescue workers, cleanup crews, and sight-seers had tracked molasses through the streets and spread it to subway platforms, to the seats inside trains and streetcars, to pay telephone handsets, into homes, and to countless other places. "Everything that a Bostonian touched was sticky."

  1. Twins trade John Curtiss to Angels for Daniel Ozoria. Ozoria is an eighteen-year-old infielder from the Dominican Republic with two years of professional experience. He's listed at 5'9", 135 pounds, which I hope is what he was when he signed at age sixteen rather than what he is now. His numbers are .222/.293/.263 in 419 at-bats, all in rookie ball. He's only eighteen, and the Twins must see something in him (defense? speed? athleticism?), but there's nothing in his record to get excited about at this point.

    1. given the Twins' bullpen needs and Curtiss's performance last year at Rochester in the bullpen, how does this make sense? Was he really the 40th guy on the 40-man?

      over his minor league career, Curtiss has a 3:1 K:BB ratio and 11 K/9 rate, with only 0.5 HR/9 and 7.5 H/9 rates. He seems like someone who could help a team (his two unsuccessful cups of coffee notwithstanding).

    2. Fangraphs review, listing him as a top-20 Angels prospect:

      Daniel Ozoria, INF – Ozoria is a speedy little 17-year-old Dominican shortstop who has promising bat control and makeup. He’s listed at 5-foot-9, 135 and desperately needs to add strength to be a viable prospect, but his build is such that I’m optimistic. He projects as a utility man.

      Scrubini fixation.

  2. I probably would've dumped Tyler Duffey, if only because Curtiss seems like he had late-inning upside, but there's not as overwhelming an amount of scrubby middle infielders and journeyman relief pitchers on the 40 man as there have been in recent years. It's not like they DFA'd him so they could keep Toby Gardenhire or Pedro Florimon.

      1. Heh, I don't really have a good response to that, other than they were probably going to lose him for free if they didn't trade him, right?

        1. Yeah. Curtiss would have been freely available to the other 29 teams. If there were multiple teams interested, they would have to sign him for more than the major league minimum.

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