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  1. Sconnie Lexicon

    fluxing - when spear fishing in an ice house, you see a fish down the hole, it is swimming but not going anywhere. It's fluxing.
    shunt - to move something to a different place - "He was shunted to the other queue"
    FIB - person from Chicago
    sex olives - olives stuffed with garlic, blue cheese, or jalapenos
    d'int - didn't
    c'unt - couldn't, pronounced dangerously close to that other word
    sh'ount - shouldn't
    w'unt - wouldn't
    Chipper - card game where the rules seem to change each time you play it
    keebasa - my SIL's mispronunciation of kielbasa
    B&B - Benedictine and Brandy, usually drunk from a stainless steel metal flask with a ruffed grouse engraved on it
    ShotSki - literally a ski with four shotglasses attached to it - another way to drink B&B's by a foursome

    1. The first regional idioms I picked up after moving to Minnesota were "don't you know, and "you betcha."

      1. Not an idiom but interesting. Up on the lake by Hubbard, we would catch and eat 1) sunnies and pumpkinseeds 2) bluegills, 3) walleyes, 4) northern pike, 5) largemouth bass, 6) crappies, and 7) tulabees (Finnlander neighbors would smoke them).

        But never 1) yellow perch, 2) suckers, 3) rock bass, and 4) bullheads (but the Iwegians would eat all of these).

          1. Big can of worms RhuRu! I grew up an hour north of the metro area, and we called them Northern Pike, and called Walleyes "walleye pike". Open our restaurant years later and half the people around here only identify "pike" with Northerns and never with Walleye. As a result, we put Northern on the menu as "Pike" is in our name. It is good eatin'.

            1. Northerns were Northerns, disparaged as snakes. Bony AF and hard to fillet cleanly because, but tasty. Walleye were Walleye.

              Only Fancy People called them Walleyed Pike. And I never ever heard anyone refer to them as Yellow Pike.

              1. The northern pike gets its common name from its resemblance to the pole-weapon known as the pike (from the Middle English for 'pointed'). Various other unofficial trivial names are common pike, great northern pike, Lakes pike, snot rocket, slough shark, snake, slimer, slough snake, northern, gator (due to a head similar in shape to that of an alligator), jack, jackfish, hammer handle, and other such names as long head and pointy nose. Numerous other names can be found in Field Museum Zool. Leaflet Number 9. Its earlier common name, the luci (now lucy), was used to form its taxonomic name (Esox lucius) and is used in heraldry.

        1. Funny. Perch are basically walleye, bullheads more or less catfish, and you'll find plenty who will be glad to eat either. (And many who will never bother with eating northern or bass.)

          1. Cleaning bullheads suh-hucks. However, my dad used to poach them in butter and they were tasty!

              1. Yes, did this once with Dad as a kid. Bless him for taking us fishing as often as he did...he hates fish.

            1. First time I ever heard the F-word was from my dad's lips when a bullhead he was cleaning flexed and put its spine deep in his hand.

          2. (And many who will never bother with eating northern or bass.)

            smallmouth bass is the best. I like it better than walleye, which is high praise.

            1. It's almost like all the fish can be prepared in an enjoyable way and nobody really knows what they're doing...and we're all going along with the prevailing popular local "wisdom"...
              Maybe it's just me.
              Thoughts on smallmouth vs largemouth? Just curious. I probably have no basis for comparison.

                1. When we were kids, up the lake there was a small bay that Hnos Coot and I used to fish for bass and sunnies (Bass Bay). An older couple (The W's) had a cabin next to it, and we worked out a deal with Mrs. W whereby we would catch a bucket of fish, and gut & scale them, then Mrs. W would cook them in a fashion that would make it easy to flake out the flesh (without the bones).

                  Then she would add some flour/eggs and seasoning and make fried fish balls. That was some good cookin.

        1. That's the one, unfortunately. I sure hope that doesn't fulfill the claim that the Twins will "sign at least one more pitcher." Hard to believe they gave him a guaranteed major league contract. Hopefully, they told him he'll have to earn a spot in the rotation.

          1. Another downside is that someone's going to have to come off the forty-man roster to make room for him.

    1. Perez was once a top prospect for the Rangers, so there's lots of familiarity there for Levine. Apparently, he gets a lot of ground balls. He went to the bullpen at the end of the year last year and had a 3.24 ERA and .605 OPS against in 16.2 IP, so maybe they see him being a long or middle reliever. He was torched by righties last year, so that would make more sense to put him in the bullpen. Lefties had a 14/1 K/BB ratio against him.

      1. b-r.com says he pitched 11 relief innings last year, and gives him an ERA of 2.45 against them. Lefties hit (all innings) .271/.287/.459 against him, so it's not like he was blowing them away, although he certainly did do much worse against right-handers. I guess we can hope. We might as well, since here he is. But I'm still not impressed.

  2. Gopher men's basketball led by 3 with 7.5 minutes left and only made 1 basket, a putback slam, the rest of the way. They still won thanks to free throws. Dupree McBrayer made 1 of 2 to break a tie with 2 seconds left. Gophers made 22 of 30 FTs. Penn State made 12 of 20.

  3. The Huskies took two at home from Western Michigan this weekend and Massachusetts split, so SCSU is back on top of the NCAA hockey rankings. Huskies captain Jimmy Schuldt is currently in third place in Hobey Baker award voting. If you can spare him a vote, he could use it.

    1. They seemed okay with the blown PI call when it got them to the super bowl 9 years ago.

      You know, I think I can live with them continuing to have regular season success if they find Vikings-like ways to heartbreakingly fall short of the goal.

    2. WHOLE lotta heartache here in StL on the Lambs moving on. No love lost for Kroenke, no matter how many years pass. Shoot, same still applies with Bill Bidwill.

  4. I stood outside for a few moments to look at the moon. Twas cool! Probably should have brought a hot chocolate out with me.

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