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  1. When we lived in Texas we routinely drove 4-5 hours each way to do something ( anything ) in another city. Day trip to Austin? 3:45 without traffic. Twins v Rangers? 4:35 without traffic. Driving up to mn for the summer? 21 hours door to door done in a straight shot (we always said we’d never do it again without stopping but somehow we always did it)We lived our lives in the car. Having lived in New Orleans we haven’t driven more than 3 hours one way in years. Having done 8 from Atlanta yesterday has me wiped out.

    1. I spend 2-3 hours a day in the car getting from Maple Lake to Vadnais Heights and back.

      It's coming to a head that this job may not be for me much longer.

          1. Small world. I do business with your employer (as chair of my city's planning commission), and that's my Super America Speedway. I live less than a mile past it, just off of E.

      1. That is not a fun commute. Probably half the time I drive to the metro that stretch from Monticello to Maple Grove and beyond is a complete mess.

          1. I once did a 9 month stretch where I lived outside of Sioux Falls and commuted to Sioux City, IA every day. Exactly 100 miles door to door. 75 minutes in nice weather, but in the winter? Ouch!

              1. It's all interstate from Sioux Falls to Sioux City, and in South Dakota the interstate speed limit is 80 mph.

                1. You got it. The silly thing about that year was I bought a Honda Civic Hybrid shortly before that job switch. It got amazing MPG in town and cruising at 55-60 mph, but crazy bad MPG at 80 mph.

                    1. Yup. Need a bigger engine. My Silverado actually did pretty well at 80 mph. Maybe 15 mpg vs my 18 mph average. The Hybrid dropped from about a 36 mpg average down to 24.

            1. My first year in North Sioux City I commuted to Sioux Falls two or three days a week for seminary. I agree, not a lot of fun in the winter.

              1. One thing I distinctly remember about that drive was the smell just North of the "metro" area.

                Also, North Sioux City was where I worked. Did you ever go to the old Minerva's there? I ran that place for that 9 months. I think a year or two after I left, they tore it down and built a new one on the other side of town??

                1. That must have been before my time. I remember a Minerva's in Sioux City, but not in North Sioux. When I was there, the only decent place to eat in the North Sioux area was Graham's, which was just at the edge of Dakota Dunes.

          2. It's three blocks from home to office. The grocery store, bank, and library are between the two. Truly, this is awesome.

                1. my hips never complained about stairs, it was the lengthy activities like mowing that took a toll. still, I would take sitting on my butt and sliding down the stairs over any driving, particularly this time of year

    1. Yeah, it would take some pretty extensive injuries for him to make the big league squad. Insurance policy that hopefully will not be needed. 35 years old. Not much of a track record. Organizational depth and most likely, he will end up opting out and signing somewhere else.

  2. From the time the King of the Triples Cristian Guzman had a two-triple game on 4/8/2001, two opponents have done that to the Twins (Bobby Abreu '08, Erick Aybar '11) -- how many times has a Twins player tripled twice in the same game since then?

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  3. Stopped into a Burger King Thai Deli on University & Farington in St.P for lunch. Ordered a curry with chicken and was asked about the spice level. Responded that I liked spice, but had never been there before. Waitress looks at me and then she says, "Order this with mild spice. It will be medium." She was right, and it was perfect.
    It had items I could identify (mushrooms, large basil leaves, thin-sliced bell peppers, coconut milk/curry broth and the chicken) and a few I couldn't. When asked, she said, "that's Chinese eggplant [looked like off-color okra] and that's squash [I think that's what she said, but they were julienned beyond recognition]. Served with a side bowl of rice - it was delicious and I had enough leftover for another lunch.
    This recipe seems close to what I had, but I don't know what restaurant used to bring the heat. anyway, I'm going to try this at home and see if I can get anyone else in the family to eat it (they're all pretty risk-averse in their palate).

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    1. I love Thai. Getting the flavors close at home is challenging.

      Two observations. One, fish sauce, assuming you are not allergic. Obviously, that makes it non-vegan. Two, Thai chiles or, serranos or, worst case, jalapenos.

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