34 thoughts on “February 21, 2019: Digging Out”

      1. "the Mikeless Monkees"
        Were they actually billed that way? Because the Monkees were Mikeless from the first breakup until Davey died.

        Weird: looking at Nesmith's face in the image for the video above ("Auntie Grizelda") and he looks a bit like my mother when she was young.
        But my mom also looked much like Zooey Deschanel often does in the New Girl, so...

    1. We just now had some flurries mixed with rain. My car also said the temperature dropped from 60 degrees all they way down to 36 over the course of my 22 mile drive back home from work.

    2. Uhmm. Are u trolling us all up in the hinterlands, or are u just blissfully unaware how this just plain suh-hucks. Maybe wait until June or so to give your weather reports from SoCal.

  1. Nice to see a graphic confirming my eye test....there is a butt-ton of snow out there!

    of course my town is under one of those >24 shaded areas.

  2. Well then. A couple of weeks before my annual cardiology check-up in late January, I started feeling some angina pains after extended exertion. The doctor and I talked about it made a plan. On Monday I had a stress test that came back abnormal, so next Wednesday I'll be in the cath lab for an angiogram. Best case scenario, they open a blockage, put in a stent and I'm home the next day. I'm trying not to worry about less favorable outcomes. I just keep thinking about the navy vet I did phase two rehab with after my last angioplasty. He had 17 stents in him, 12 in the heart and 5 in the legs (doctors call 5 stents in your heart a full metal jacket). So it could be worse. Thoughts and prayers are welcome.

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