FMD 3-1-2019. Bless the internet.

Bless the internet for giving people a chance to either stay in their lane and listen to 3 artists over and over and over again, or fill up their brains with thousands of artists and dozens of genres of music. Im not as adventurous with my music playing these days (I dont even buy a handful of records anymore) but knowing that if I have to scratch an itch I can do it with a couple of clicks of my mouse.

Drop your 10 or just casually chat about music.
I'll be watching this Police concert for about the 20th time

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  1. Kauai has a pretty good Classics station, but with a couple decades of great stuff to pick from, do they still have to have such a tight rotation? I swear there were songs we heard at least three times while driving around the island the short time we were there.

  2. I used to try to keep up, at least to a limited extent, with a lot of different styles of music, but I was finding so little that appealed to me that I went back to just listening to the stuff I like. As is shown in each week's random ten:

    1. I Am A Rock--Simon and Garfunkel
    2. Lover's Cross--Jim Croce
    3. Sing--The Carpenters
    4. You And Me--Alice Cooper
    5. The Last Song--Edward Bear
    6. Nothing From Nothing--Billy Preston
    7. The Circle Is Small--Gordon Lightfoot
    8. Tin Man--America
    9. Don't Answer Me--Alan Parsons Project
    10. Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad--Meat Loaf

    1. I love that Edward Bear song. My sister had an Edward Bear cassette that I listened to a lot back in the day. That's a group you just never hear about these days.

  3. Oh no doubt the internet is a big help. You want to compare the movie version of Queen's Live Aid performance versus the real thing? Easy to find in about 10 seconds. You want to watch a Radiohead concert from 1996 over and over again? No problem.

    One thing I really like about the internet and music and when I read books about music and there is a description of a song or performance I am not familar with, I can usually easily find it on the internet within a few seconds. Then I can follow along with the author's description of such performance with both eyes and ears. Also google maps and street view are great when the author is describing a location, venue, or geographic area.

    But finally, sometimes I just want to hear and old song from the past. I don't need to have it on my I-tunes but it's good to know I can listen. It think later today, I'll be checking out Two Out of Three Aint Bad from Meat Loaf due to Jeff A's list from above.

    1. I've mentioned it before, but I'm guessing around 60-70% of the music that ends up in my library is from me trying to find an interesting video for the day and then digging it and looking for more. However, a lot of that comes from little mentions I hear here and there, and then am able to look up instantly. I was good at finding new bands to like pre-internet era, but it's soooooo much easier now. That and post-internet has made exposure for 1,000s of other bands possible too. Kind of exhausting, really.

    2. This week, I had an itching for new music, and so I downloaded:
      Ray Charles's 1962 Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music
      Tortoise's 1998 post-rock epic TNT because my disc is lost (the case was empty).
      Default Genders' new album, further diving into his weirdly poppy sampledelic jungle-hiphop, with some vox reminding me of MC Pee Pants.
      The latest album from Nate Young (of Wolf Eyes).
      Finnish IDM from Aleksi Perala
      Berlin House from Efdemin, which includes a fantastic ambient setting of an old a capella recording of a Wesleyan hymn. (Too bad there's only the one. I'd like to see him do a whole album in this vein...)

      Last month, I downloaded Dolly Parton's My Tennessee Mountain Home, from 1973.

      All of these but Default Genders were because I read reviews and just wanted to hear what the writer was talking about. (And I need some more exposure to the country music canon.)

        1. James Brooks (Default Genders) has all his solo work up for free at his bandcamp.
          The track that reminds me of MC Pee Pants is #5, "vietato calpestare i prati".
          To me, the first DG album sounded like a step back, a retreat from some of what I liked so much about Elite Gymnastics (his previous band, of which the other member was "in charge of visual aspects of the project"). More basement, less polished. Perhaps afraid of copyright law. Lyrics a bit too "poetic truths of highschool journalkeepers". But the new album seems to take off from where EG left off. Feels less like DG is a separate project with the same songwriter, but a continuation of the first with a new name.

          Elite Gymnastics had all their stuff up for download on their tumblr acct, but most of that was deleted when they broke up. Their album/double EP/triple EP Ruin is on their soundcloud.
          But that doesn't have their EPs Real Friends, Gizzard Greens, or Neu! 92. Look to filesharing services for that.
          "Is This on Me?", from Real Friends, is what first got my attention.

  4. * Minneapolis - Vagabon - Infinite Worlds
    * The Mountain - Heartless Bastards - The Mountain
    * Raising the Skate - Speedy Ortiz - Foil Deer
    * Halfsleeper - Chelsea Wolfe - The Grime and the Glow
    * Satellites - EMA - The Future's Void
    * Wasted Nun - Cherry Glazerr - Stuffed and Ready
    * Appropriate - Priests - Nothing Feels Natural
    * Nobody Dies - Thao and the Get Down Stay Down - A Man Alive
    * I'll Make You Sorry - Screaming Females - All At Once
    * For Prayer - Wye Oak - The Knot

  5. 1. The White Stripes - Little Acorns - Elephant
    2. Arctic Monkeys - Still Take You Home - Whatever People Say....
    3. Nina Simone - Blues for Mama - Nina Simone Sings The Blues
    4. The Beatles - The End - Abbey Road
    5. Courtney Barnett - Elevator Operator - Sometime I Sit....
    6. TV On The Radio - Hours - Return To Cookie Mountain
    7. Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit - Molotov - The Nashville Sound
    8. Blitzen Trapper - Not Your Lover - Furr
    9. Car Seat Headrest - Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales - Teens of Denial
    10. Colter Wall - Tying Knots in the Devil's Tail - Songs of the Plains

    I'm getting most of my new music suggestions from a record club, which I found through the internet. I generally listen to the curated picks on my streaming service to determine what records to buy, then separate myself from too much money, via the internet. So there's a love-hate thing with the internet and music.

  6. 1. Dancing the Night Away - The Motors
    2. Sheena Is a Punk Rocker - Ramones
    3. Radio, Radio - Elvis Costello & the Attractions
    4. Is She Really Going Out With Him? - Joe Jackson
    5. Do Anything You Wanna Do - Eddie and the Hot Rods
    6. Ever Fallen In Love? - Buzzcocks
    7. Mystery Dance - Elvis Costello
    8. Lookin' After No. 1 - The Boomtown Rats
    9. Personality Crisis - New York Dolls
    10. White Riot - The Clash

  7. 01. "Murder Me, Rachel (Live)" – The National Cherry Tree
    02. "Juicy 1-4" – Blood OrangeFreetown Sound
    03. "I. Adagio – Allegro Non Troppo" – Leningrad Philharmonic OrchestraSymphony No. 6 (Tchaikovsky)
    04. "Say You Miss Me" – WilcoBeing There
    05. "Nobody Cares" – SuperorganismSuperorganism
    06. "Hot Burrito #1" – The Flying Burrito BrothersThe Gilded Palace Of Sin
    07. "The Moonbeam Song" – NilssonNilsson Schmilsson
    08 "Animals" – Big ThiefMasterpiece
    09. "Ana Ng" – They Might Be GiantsLincoln
    10. "I Gotta Have A Song" – Stevie WonderSigned Sealed & Delivered

  8. 1. Everything But the Girl “Before Today” Walking Wounded
    2. Luomo* “Really Don't Mind (Radio Edit)” Really Don't Mind
    3. Superorganism “Night Time” Superorganism
    4. Soundgarden “Spoonman” Superunknown
    5. Eric Copeland “Lemons” Limbo

    6. Stereo MC's “Step It Up (Radio Edit)” Step It Up
    7. Everything But the Girl “Temperamental” Temperamental
    8. Soom Bip & Doseone “Re: The Rarity of Meaningful Experience” [Circle]
    9. Matthew Dear “You Put a Smell on Me (Breakbot Remix)” Slowdance EP
    T. Ambrosia Parsley & Shivaree “Everybody Came” For the Kids Too!

    2. Another alias of Sasu Ripatti (Vladislav Delay), this one focused on poppy (if really long) vocal house. This 3'43 radio edit is nearly a pop song.

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