21 thoughts on “March 3, 2019: Cancelled”

  1. Another Twins player goes to Texas

  2. I filled one of the bird feeders yesterday (what we call "paying the dog's cable bill") and today it's been non-stop birds, with the Cardinals queuing up in the nearby trees like planes on the runway at La Guardia. We've had a flicker, blue jays, the standard small birds and house finches, and some brownish bird with white mark on the wing, the size of a cardinal but with a thin beak. The dog particularly enjoys the commercial interruptions but the hairy ones with the fluffy tails

    1. I want to pick up a feeder to put outside the window where we eat. Any tips/reccos? It will be under the eave of the roof, so that should help with squirrels?

      1. It depends on what birds you want to attract. Our main feeders are mostly platform feeders which best accommodate the Cardinals and Jays

        and we're sure to include sunflowers in the feed...which unfortunately attracts the furry pests. And the stupid mourning doves just like to rest in them.

    2. We try to keep our feeders stocked, but the squirrels in our yard are ultra aggressive. Usually the full feeder is on the ground within 36 hours. We have owls & hawks in the neighborhood, but apparently not enough of them.

          1. i meant in regards to the squirrels. as mentioned, i'm hoping hanging it under the eave of the house should prevent some of that, but then again, i'm not sure how industrious they can be.

            1. I can't even keep the raccoons out of the feeder, let alone the squirrels. Trap and relocate is my answer to that. If I still lived on the farm, relocate would be replaced by a different verb.

              Ours are on shepherd's hooks, and they aren't being knocked down, if that's what you're asking. Drained, yes, but not knocked off.

            2. We stopped having any non-bird issues after I moved the feeder far enough away from the deck and added a baffle. I still feed them though, but now it's via throwing peanuts and other seeds in the ground for them. Or the mess the starlings and blue jays make.

  3. From Dan Hayes:

    Scout in stands on Martin Pérez:
    "He was mostly 95-97. That little cutter at 90-91 is filthy. … That’s the best I’ve ever seen him.” #MNTwins

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