FMD 3-8-19: We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Not too long ago I found myself lamenting, not for the first time, the death of Rilo Kiley. They were one of my favorite bands. Really, they were the band that first hooked me into more modern independent music. I'd had some of their music in heavy rotation lately, and even their not-as-good stuff was working for me. It seems pretty clear that this a band that will never ever be getting back together. Which is really too bad, because the other stuff the members have worked on apart from Rilo Kiley is... okay. I still like Jenny Lewis just fine... but the magic of Rilo Kiley just isn't there any more.

So maybe we've talked about this before, but I'm curious about bands that have broken up where that's really a shame. Who hasn't been able to capture the magic in the same way? Who needed that partner/group? Who would you love to have just one more album from?

Drop lists, and talk bad band breakups. And enjoy the snow on its way!

Bonus: the title track!

18 thoughts on “FMD 3-8-19: We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”

  1. I synched my iPod last night to put some different songs on it, but never looked at it and today it tells me there are 0 songs on it.
    This has happened a few times before, but I've always caught it right after and another re-synch and all is fine. (And it doesn't take as long as completely wiping and re-building the iPod.)
    But I'll have nothing for R10.

    1. Aye. The other night she was playing on my pandora station when my kid got out of bed, and I quickly minimized the window.

  2. 1. I'm Stone In Love With You--The Stylistics
    2. El Condor Pasa--Simon and Garfunkel
    3. Teach Your Children Well--Crosby, Stills, and Nash
    4. Telephone Line--Electric Light Orchestra
    5. Sweet Is The Melody--Iris DeMent
    6. I Won't Last a Day Without You--The Carpenters
    7. Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad--Meat Loaf
    8. Why Me Lord?--Kris Kristofferson
    9. Dance With Me--Orleans
    10. It Might Be You--Stephen Bishop

  3. 01. "Killa" – tUnE-yArDsw h o k i l l
    02. "Cosmic Dancer" – T. RexElectric Warrior
    03. "Natural Law" – Frazey FordIndian Ocean
    04. "Let's Get Out Of The Country" – Camera ObscuraLet's Get Out Of The Country
    05. "Would You Believe" – Roxy MusicRoxy Music
    06. "Slow Burn" – Kacey MusgravesGolden Hour
    07. "Hour Follows Hour" – Ani DiFrancoNot A Pretty Girl
    08 "Alone" – LowLong Division
    09. "Civilian" – Wye OakCivilian
    10. "Sinful Wishing Well" – Caitlin RoseOwn Side Now

  4. I was a big Wings fan growing up, so while they were by no means the Beatles, they (and solo works by G, R, & J) filled the void fine. Most bands need a life cycle; if they grow and evolve, they get "THERE NOT LIKE THEY USED TO BE ANYMROE!" from the fanboys. Unless there is death/medical/incarceration ending a group near its prime, or the CCR-like squabbles, most bands are usually ready to move on.

  5. You gotta wonder what Neutral Milk Hotel could've done after In the Aeroplane over the Sea. Obviuosly everyone would have been disappointed in the follow up album only to have critical appreciation of it 10 years later, because that's how we roll as society. Would ITAOTS been a precurser to a career of what was to come or a bright shooting star that illuminated the sky then disappeared for ever?

    1. After the reunion tour, I was kind of surprised they didn't put something new out. It's not like homeboy had exhausted his output in the intervening years.

  6. Given that I thought The Eternal was one of their best albums, I'd like to see more from Sonic Youth.

    1. Getting diagnosed with cancer as you're separating from husband/bandmate because he was cheating on you probably doesn't foster a strong desire to reunite.

  7. I miss early 90's country, and if I had to pick one from back then, it'd be Lonestar. I really enjoy their first two albums. When John Rich left, they lost an edge I think they needed. I liked some of what Lonestar did afterwards, and some of what Rich did with Big Kenny, but it wasn't the same.

  8. Moth Into Flame - Metallica
    Fade Into You - Mazzy Star
    Lawyers, Guns, and Money - Warren Zevon
    Sweet Freedom - Michael McDonald
    New York Groove - Ace Frehley

    Rockin Into the Night - .38 Special
    Mr. Wendal - Arrested Development
    The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get - Morrisey
    Song For the Dumped - Ben Folds Five
    One Love - Bob Marley

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