March 10, 2019: Audio/Visual

One thing I've taken to doing lately if the boy is using LEGOs or something, is instead of just putting on music, I'll pull up whole concerts on YT. It's not as attention grabbing as a TV show, but if he hears a particularly interesting part, he can look up and see exactly what's going on.

Yesterday I asked him if he wanted jazz or classical. He said funky. Curtis Mayfield it was.

11 thoughts on “March 10, 2019: Audio/Visual”

  1. NBBW is running NYC Half marathon next weekend (a training run for London Full in April), and as usual I buy a New Yorker to decide what I'm going to do.

    Saw that Jean-Yves Thibaudet was playing Grieg's Piano Concerto in A Minor at the New York Philharmonic, then found this. Gotta love the close-ups on Rubinstein's hands.

  2. Some things:
    1. A couple of my neighbors helped clear out our driveway after last week's snow, so I got a few sixers and made them into variety packs for them (and one for me). Bell's Two Hearted Ale, Alaskan Amber Ale, and a Millstream Schokolade Bock. The bock was yummy. Rich, creamy, malty, chocolaty and nicely balanced.
    2. The SCSU Huskies hockey team closed out the regular season with a sweep of #3 UMD, taking the Penrose Cup and NCHC title for the second consecutive year, and going undefeated on home ice. The Huskies wrestling team also won their 5th national championship in 7 years, making them the Iowa of D2 collegiate wrestling.
    3. Younger Daughter's Subaru Forester had a check engine light that's been on awhile, it's been running poorly (sluggish) and getting bad gas mileage. So I took it to O'Reilly's and read the fault codes which showed misfires on cylinders 2 and 4. Recommendation: replace ignition coil. Easy peasy. The coil sits right on top of the engine, three bolts to hold it down, one electrical connection, and four spark plug wires. Runs much, much better now - zippy acceleration and I'm sure the gas mileage will improve quite a bit.
    4. I had a toothache back in January that went away after a couple of days, but I still had some sensitivity under my cheekbone. I went to the endodontist on Thursday and sure enough, the X-ray showed a small abscess (the nerve had basically already died). With heart surgery pending, I went ahead with the root canal to clear out the abscess. My endodontist is originally from Mexico where he played semi-pro baseball for several years in his youth. He initially met some of the partners in the practice at a Twins fantasy camp several years back.
    5. The wife and I have tickets to the Twins home opener, but since I'll be recovering we're giving them to Elder Daughter and her boyfriend. That we we still get the puffer vests, and we don't have to sit in a snowbank for three hours to watch the game.

  3. The Milkmaid and I are seeing Kurt Elling at the Dakota tonight (anyone know how seating goes there?). I’m hoping to see Baroness and Deafheaven on the 29th, but I’ll need to rustle up a metalhead for that one, as Cathy would not be reached by that particular show.

    1. I've been to shows there with assigned seating and others where the first arrivers can pick their spot. Either way, it's pretty small, so there's not a bad seat.

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