13 thoughts on “March 11, 2019: All Coming Up Minnesota”

  1. Here in beautiful north-central South Dakota, the forecast is that we could get up to a foot and a half of snow Wednesday and Thursday. I doubt it will be that much--they usually give a worst-case scenario this far out--but it sounds like we're not trading in our snow just yet.

  2. This is enticing to me. But if I go to 10 games, that is still $30/game with no seat. Even though the tix are "non-transferable," they can be transfered by taking a screenshot of the ticket and sending to whomever wanted to use the ticket. So I wonder if I let it be known that I'd send access to a game for $5.00 if that would help cover the cost. (hint, hint).

    The other downside if I wanted to go to a game with a friend or two, I'd have to buy a ticket to a game I legitamately already had a ticket to.


    1. I'm surprised you have to buy the entire season. I wonder how well this will do, considering people who are willing to invest that much of their summer into Twins games likely already have season tickets.

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