21 thoughts on “FMD 3-29-19: Songs We Sing Our Kids”

  1. As this one got posted 16 minutes earlier, I'll assume it's the FMD with priority.

    1. Hole “Credit in the Straight World” Live Through This
    2. Eric Copeland “UFO's Over Vampire City” Whorehouse Blues
    3. Zola Jesus “Manifest Destiny” Stridulum
    4. Nate Young “Crumpled Body” Volume One: Dilemmas of Identity
    5. Digable Planets “Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)” Reachin' (A New Refutation of Time and Space)*

    6. Ha Ha Tonka “Heights of My Fears” Heart-Shaped Mountain
    7. Sloan “Underwhelmed” Select Singles 1992-2011*
    8. The Moody Blues “Nights in White Satin” The Best of the Moody Blues
    9. Elite Gymnastics “Parachute” Gizzard Greens V.1
    T. Elite Gymnastics “Omamori 2” Ruin 2

    5. I learned the word "Refute" from this album.

    7. The one song I remember from them, the opening track off their album Smeared (which my friend had on cassette).
    "She was underwhelmed if that's a word
    I know it's not because I looked it up
    That's one of those skills I learned in school.
    I was overwhelmed; I'm sure of that one
    Cause I learned it back in grade school
    When I was young."

  2. Hey free, I listened to that podcast about CCR's #2 hits. That was fun. I knew almost everything they talked about, except which specific songs were #1 those weeks. Plus, lots of great music to listen to.

    I've thought about doing a CCR/Blue Velvets/Golliwogs song countdown on my website.

    1. Awesome. I have a Golliwogs song on my iTunes and had no idea it was a CCR precursor.

      I also got a kick out of their bad luck in being #2. Bridge over Troubled Water? Someday We’ll be Together? It’s like the Top 40 Gods we’re actively conspiring against CCR.

      1. Yeah. Unfortunately, I've had "Dizzy" in my head most of the week.

        One thing I didn't know was that CCR intentionally made double A-sides in order to boost their chart rankings. I love that they just released great songs as fast as possible.

        1. CCR’s run of albums in 1969–70 was truly something, too: five in the Top 10, four in the Top 5, two #1s. Obviously that was unsustainable, but you can put that up against any other band, ever, and walk away feeling accomplished.

          1. I imagine John was insufferable to work with for most of that time. From what I've read I don't much blame Tom for wanting out.

            1. John comes across as an immensely talented pain-in-the-ass. Much as I love John’s music, I can’t blame Tom, either. What happened to the friendships in that band is a shame.

            1. I can maybe understand not giving them three albums in the bracket, but how did CCR not get a second entry for “Willie & the Poor Boys”?

              That matchup between “Nashville Skyline” and “The Band” should be interesting.

            2. No Smash Hits?
              OK, I guess it's just a singles compilation, but it played a big part in my life because it's the Hendrix that Dad bought.

    2. I also knew most of the story, but it was amusing to hear it all brought together in one place. (The host got on my nerves, though.)

      Like you, free, I chuckled about the song that blocked the second #2 from the top slot. To be blocked by a cover — and that one in particular — uffda. I was prepared for, say, Sinatra or something, but not that. And then, for the fourth song, I just shook my head.

      1. Yeah the host was bad. Summarizing constantly, needlessly verbose, and devoid of real emotion.

        1. It was the endless summarizing that really bothered me. When the throat-clearing at the beginning finally ended, I looked down and saw it was ten minutes in (!). Dude needs an editor. I tend to react the opposite direction with emotiveness (I can’t bear listening to stingers for shows on some podcast networks, much less the shows being plugged...), so I didn’t mind that so much. I don’t need things Public Radio-levels of staid, but my podcast tastes do run toward the audio equivalent of black coffee.

          I did laugh when he mentioned the song for his wedding, though. You’re living in what was, perhaps, the greatest moment of recorded music, and you choose that?

          1. Heh, yeah.

            My tastes depend. If it's an informational podcast I don't want a lot (sometimes Sarah Koenig tries a bit too hard to sound "in the moment"). But I'm thinking Roman Mars level. That guy actually seems really interested in what he's talking about. This guy didn't. But for more informal podcasts, I'll also listen to Sam Miller or Mike Schur emote all day because I enjoy their personalities.

  3. 01. "Four Broken Souls" – Southside DesireSouthside Desire
    02. "Bag Of Bones" – MitskiLUSH
    03. "Special Stage" – ThundercatApocalypse
    04. "The Hidden River Of My Life" – Sufjan StevenThe Greatest Gift
    05. "Don't Blame Me (Retake 1)" – Thelonious MonkCriss-Cross
    06. "It Goes" – Atmosphere Lucy Ford
    07. "Golddust" – Danny BrownAtrocity Exhibition
    08 "L-Over" – U.S. GirlsIn A Poem Unlimited
    09. "Sweet Little Girl" – Stevie WonderMusic Of My Mind
    10. "Wicked Waters" – Benjamin BookerBenjamin Booker

  4. I don’t always sing lullabies to the Poissonnierre, but when I do, it’s “Innocent When You Dream.”

    Otherwise, I have a soft spot for singing Johnny Cash, Tom Russell, & Willie Nelson songs or cowboy tunes — “Cattle Call,” “Cool Water,” “Big Iron,” and so on.

  5. See You on the Other Side - Ozzy Osbourne
    Five Years - David Bowie
    Jackie Wilson Said (Im in Heaven) - Van Morrison
    One of These Nights - The Eagles
    Shake That Rat - Nick Lowe

    Red Red Wine - The Replacements
    Heavy - Collective Soul
    Im Waiting for the Man (live) - David Bowie
    One - Three Dog Night
    Lonely Ol Night - John Mellencamp

    the random generator seemed to favor classic rock this week.

  6. Were you two feet away from J.S. Ondara when he sang Smells Like Teen Spirit? Well if not here’s a video.

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