2019 Game 2: Clevelanders @ Twins

Baseball is back, everyone!

I'll admit, I've got my hopes set high this year, and Cy Berrios did nothing to dampen those hopes with his record breaking start on Thursday.  I think that this is a team that can hang with what looks to be a punchless Cleveland lineup (seriously, pinch hitting for your number three hitter?) and make some noise.

The home team looks to keep it going by sending Odorizzi to the mind for game two. I'm still not sure what to think of the Odor. Will he be pleasing? Will he be pungent? We'll know soon enough.

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    1. Co-sign. These things look like they were designed by a corporate marketing committee. I perfer sansabelt doubleknits over these; at least those had personality.

      Their road unis are their best set now, and even those are underwhelming.

      1. I actually like them, except they just look like Indians' uniforms.

        I'd take the cream jerseys and the powder blue jerseys.

      1. I was watching the Rockies @ Marlins game last night. These aren’t quite as bad on TV as those all-black Marlins unis, but that’s a ver, very low bar. The gold piping around the red isn’t nearly enough contrast.

  1. At the end of last season, I was pretty lukewarm about Molitor coming back--I'd have been okay with him being retained, but I was okay with him being gone, too. I will say, though, that I am much more hopeful at the start of the season with Baldelli as manager than I would've been with Molitor.

  2. Opening shot of the broadcast includes some dude walking into the ballpark in a Punto jersey. I bet if you rounded up all the people wearing #8 on the ballpark, you wouldn’t find more than one with “GAETTI” on the back.

    That just isn’t right.

    1. Provus related a story about that game from Tim Tschida, the crew chief of that game. He noticed Cuzzi was out of position and intended to correct that was interrupted by the groundskeeper and didn't have a chance to do it in time.

  3. I hope they never outlaw the shift. I've fallen in love with it a bit now that it's become more commonplace. It just looks so weird and it's hilarious seeing a guy like ramirez, who clearly doesn't practice bunting, try to bunt.

    1. I think over time, more batters will learn to go the opposite way and shifts will become less prevalent. There will still be some, but not as many as there are now.

      1. Indeed, and I can only see that as good thing for the game. Offense would be a lot of fun to watch if more dudes were good at spraying the ball all over the place.

        1. And when you think about it, outlawing the shift would be as silly as the NFL mandating that everyone play a 4-3 defense. You use the defense you think will work best. It's up to the offense to figure out a way to beat it.

          1. No doubt. I think the only reason to outlaw shifts would be because it is embarrassing the hitters. Well, if you learned to be a well-rounded hitter, you wouldn't be embarrassed, right?

      2. I agree. Which is why I want them to leave it alone. Though it has to be tough to bunt against 94 MPH sliders

  4. Cory just referred to "Future Hall of Famer Terry Francona". I'd never really thought of him that way, but I think you can certainly make the argument.

  5. Now with a schedule for the season on the sidebar. Thanks to hj for reminding me and doing most of the work.

  6. Radio hyping up Garver's newly found catching skills. I hope they're right, because just in terms of pitch blocking and sheer awareness, he was very, very bad last year. They're talking up his throws to second base, but that's not really the biggest part of the catching game anymore.

  7. I know pitch framing is important, but what bothers me about it is that it shouldn't be. Umpires shouldn't be watching how the catcher catches it. They should be watching where the pitch is when it crosses the plate. In other words, Robo Umps Now!

  8. I'm making carnitas tonight and something happened I never thought would happen to me: I was out of cumin. Long story short, I had to run to the store quick.

    1. Cumin’s the heaviest used spice in the kitchen at Chez Hayes. I get a little nervous when the Penzey’s bag goes empty.

      Carnitas tonight sounds delightful, even after polishing off enchilada leftovers for lunch.

      1. I made some beef broth the other day for funzies and using some of it for carnitas in the IP sounded like a delicious idea. Plus, pork is dirt cheap at the local piggly wiggly right now.

  9. When was the last time the Twins had back to back double digit strikeouts thrown by their pitchers

  10. One thing that the advanced analytics have done is make it harder for the average fan to second-guess things like pitching changes, because the manager has access to so much information that we don't have.

  11. Well, shoot. A good game until the ninth. I say that not because we lost, but because we handed them the winning run.

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