9 thoughts on “March 31, 2019: Late Cuppa”

  1. Three of us are left in the NCAA bracket.

    Rowsdower needs Michigan State to win tonight and either Kentucky winning tonight or Michigan St winning next Saturday as well to stay in it. If Michigan St and Kentucky win tonight, Beau is out.

    Nibbish needs Virginia to win next Saturday to pass Beau.

    If the final is Virginia/Michigan St, the winner of that game determines if Nibbish or Rowsdower wins.

    1. My son picked his brackets by assigning Hot Wheels cars to each team and then doing 63 races.

      He got one final four team correct (Texas Tech), while I got zero.

      I think next year, I'll just use his method.

    2. I think i now just comes down to VA-Auburn. VA wins and Rowsdowers is the champ. Auburn wins and its Beau. The other games don't matter at this point.

        1. Huh? The Yahoo Scenario Generator still has Rowsdower winning by a point if that happens.

          1. Oh, whoop. You're right.

            One correction to your scenario is that it doesn't matter if Auburn wins if Michigan St wins it all.

  2. A day late, but as a Gopher fan, I never want to hear from A SCSU backer about Holy Cross. Three 1 and outs as a #1 seed in four years? That’s an epic choke job for the the ages. UMD and NoDak fans have Championship cred and can taunt away. SCSU fans can go sit in the corner until your team actually wins something.

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