11 thoughts on “April 3, 2019: SSS”

    1. Despite that, I strongly approve of this:

      AL W L GB
      TBR 5 1 --
      BAL 4 1 0.5
      NYY 2 3 2.5
      TOR 2 4 3.0
      BOS 1 5 4.0

        1. I get what you're getting at here, but I find it quite nice that the vortex of negativity is currently 1 and 5.

      1. I'd have to give the nod to Castle Danger, although I will make it a point to do a head-to-head comparison at this summer's Great Taste of the Midwest.

      2. Torn. Love the Bent Hop as well. The people at Bent Paddle are super cool and some of their specialty brews are spectacular. Castle Danger is also a very cool group that I get along with very well. Their 17/7 Pale Ale is my favorite Pale Ale and my main go to when I am not feeling IPA.

        1. I know that my wife would vote Castle Danger in a heartbeat. They've got a number of beers that are excellent for people who don't like heavily hopped or very dark beers. And yeah, the 17/7 is excellent.

  1. After today's game, La Tortuga has a .667 batting average, a .636 on base percentage, and an OPS of 1.636 on the season. The man does not get cheated.

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