12 thoughts on “Hero in a Half Shell”

    1. I'm glad I clicked that, because I would have remained incredibly confused went anyone would think Wes Johnson is worth writing about.

  1. the Mrs and I went to a McCormick & Schmicks last night to celebrate her birthday, on recommendation of a colleague. We'd never been to one.

    The waiter was great. The restaurant was...overpriced and uneven. Not that we had a bad meal. It just wasn't all that impressive. #firstworldproblems

    1. Sheenie was taken there for a work function and told me the same thing

  2. Not that I’m the first person to point this out, but baseball can be so ridiculous sometimes. No to robot umps because we really need the human element, but if a hitter gets a little too excited about his HR, and a pitcher’s feelings get hurt, it’s only just a warning (bro) to the pitcher, who intended bodily harm as a sort of honor assault.

    So basically right now we have:

    Robot hitters: yes
    Robot umps: no
    Attempted assualt: let’s not get carried away, just a warning please

    1. I'm going to totally agree with you, other than that a pitcher throwing behind a batter is a ball, not attempted assault. If they want to register their irritation that way, I'm okay with it. No harm, no foul ball one.

      1. Most pitches “behind” the hitter only wind up that way because the hitter had the good sense to get out of the way.

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