37 thoughts on “April 12, 2019: (S)No(w) Baseball”

  1. I had a dream last night that Jeff A played for the Twins and scored from second base on a sac fly.

    I was explaining to everyone how incredible it was since he was a middle-aged pastor from South Dakota!

  2. Since yesterday afternoon they’ve drained 2 liters of fluid from my chest cavity and the collapsed lung is mostly re-inflated. I dropped 5 pounds overnight. Barring anything untoward I’ll be going home tomorrow. Bummer about the snowout, but it gives the bullpen some extra rest at the start of the season when they need it the most.

      1. The drainage tube for my chest actually goes in through my back. My chest incision makes sleeping on my sides or front impossible. The hospital bed has a feature that automatically adds or subtracts air at regular intervals to prevent bedsores. Every time I find a semi-tolerable position on my back, the bed readjusts and makes it decidedly uncomfortable again. So far none of the nurses has been able to turn off this ‘feature.’

  3. Rhetorical, but when a dude secures a win with a strikeout (does his job) and pulls one of these (or skip-trots off the mound backwards, or shoots an imaginary bow), what’s the batter supposed to do!?!

    Some dude crushes a dinger (did his job) and watches it too long for the pitcher’s liking, he may catch a fastball to his ear hole next time round.

  4. A while back we were discussing grammatical gibberish.

    I'm watching a Schalke /FC Nürnberg match - a slogan on the sidewalls: Wir leben dich - lit. "We live you". Natch.

  5. Jeff Teague back for another year. Yuck. (Its a smart decision by Teague. Get his money. I wish it was with another team, I am not fond of his game)

  6. Wilson Contreras's last four hits have been home runs. (This is going back a week, so not exactly a good thing.) I don't have any context for how unique that may be or after how many it would be record territory. Google doesn't seem to either. I suppose your existing HR streaks and consecutive game records might put it at a few more than that, but must be under 10, I'd have to imagine.

    1. Alex Rodriguez had 6 straight hits as HRs back in 2002 (8-16 9th inning, 8-17 1,3,7th innings, 8-18 2nd and 7th innings) He had some outs sprinkled in there.

      1. I once hit four consecutive HRs in a game in "Jr Club League" (I played for the Eagles Club). Of course, it was on a field with no OF fence. Hit them all over the LFer's head. On the last one, the LFer had backed up enough he managed to get it back in so there was almost a play at the plate.


        (This game got me off the schneid. I had struck out a LOT in preceding games).

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