2019 Game 13: Motor City at Twin Cities

Due to the schedule irregularities this time of year, we have another Sunday game with Jose Berrios starting for the Twins. In three starts he's compiled a 1-1 record, a 2.18 ERA and 21 strikeouts. He has a 0.726 WHIP and 2.94 FIP. His ERA+ is 203, and he has a WAR of 0.8. He's pretty much everything we hoped he would become. It's nice to see a young man with great talent and skill in the early years of his career. But I have to admit that my attention today will be divided as I watch an older man try to reclaim some of the accolades from the glory days of his career by winning another major tournament and another green jacket. Play ball!

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  1. Honest Abe (changing nicknames for the kids because the Valet just wasn't working) got Miguel Sanó's autograph today. He was very starstruck.

  2. Tiger birdies 15 to take a one stroke lead at -13. As Dan Jenkins would say, the tournament just started.

    1. This made me laugh:

  3. It's really nice if the bauble to be making a crap load of noise in the kitchen. He's preventing me from being able to gear "get on the hole" guy.

    1. I suspect all those people who were calling him"Buston" last year are now saying "I always knew he'd be a good player. "

      1. I said it last year, and so far this year is massive proving my case, that he was dealing with some injury issues all year.

        1. I fully agree. It's just amazing to me how many so-called Twins fans seemed to be rooting for him to fail.

      2. Totally willing to admit I was wrong about Buxton. I never root for a player to fail - but I was certain Buxton was a bust. As its said "Pessimists are either proven right or pleasantly surprised." Im happy for Buxton to be proving me wrong.

    1. The poor fan in the front row tried* to chest trap it like a soccer player.

      *Might be using the wrong verb

      1. The first couple innings he looked like he didn't have great command, but he seems to have it now. And the defense has helped, too.

  4. Honest Abe called the homerun (and was congratulated by the fan two rows down who heard him)

  5. Does anyone in the bullpen have a two-strike pitch? Twelve two-strike foul balls for the Tigers the last two innings

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