21 thoughts on “April 15, 2019: Inevitables”

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  1. I have one ticket each to the Billy Bragg show on Friday and Saturday if anyone is interested in going. $50.00 is my out of pocket per show. You can go to either or both shows with me.

  2. Yesterday morning's sermon was about accepting all we cannot control in life. Late in the afternoon, the peperoncino fell at a neighbor's house and split open his eyebrow. He ended up with two stitches in the ER last night.

    If this were fiction, I would protest that the coincidence is WAY too convenient and simply not believable.

    1. The Boy did a header into the outward-pointing corner of some baseboard molding when he was around a year old (on my watch, natch). This would have been 1995. Puncture wound in the eyebrow. Looked a bit like Harry Potter for a few years. I was very grateful that he didn't put his eye out.

      Who the hell uses inch-wide baseboard molding? (or so my faulty memory recalls)

      anyway, we spent a harrowing couple of hours at ER. He had to be strapped down and he screamed bloody murder throughout the stitching process, but the surgeon (a skilled plastic surgeon was brought in) and team did a great job.

      1. Puncture wound in the eyebrow.

        I have one of these, sustained around two or three, from a header into a steam radiator. Apparently I was jumping on a pillow or cushion at the in-home daycare I attended when I was with Pops. I don’t remember it happening, but I do remember it being a recurring talking point later. The lady who watched me was a nice woman from the neighborhood where Pops grew up. Since the damage was (we assume) cosmetic only, I don’t remember there being much of a beef about it. There might’ve been one between my folks, but I don’t know. Back then, I think people were much more “kids will be kids” about things requiring stitches & splints.

        Incidentally, that daycare lady was the first person I knew who died suddenly, thanks to a middle-of-the-night heart attack. Her husband woke up in the morning, and she was already gone. I don’t remember exactly how or what I was told, but it was enough that I worried about dying at night for years afterward. Heck, I still think about her some nights when I go to bed.

      2. Ouch. The peperoncino was given a numbing agent, but he was still complaining it hurt as they attempted to put in the stitches. So then he got an anti-anxiety drug, and it was pretty much like having a drunk 5-year-old. The stitches went in no problem after that!

    2. I did a count of my surgical scars last night. I'm up to an even dozen. Three in the left knee from meniscus tear, two in the left leg from vein stripping for bypass, one in the left groin from hernia, two in the abdomen from ruptured appendix, one great big one on the chest from bypass along with two smaller ones for drainage tubes, and new one in the back from last week's chest tube. I think I have more scars than Jon Snow now.

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