2019 Game 14: Toronto Blue Jays at Minnesota Twins

Twins and Blue Jays in game two of a 4 game tilt at Target Field. Blue Jays put up Aaron Sanchez who is 1-1 and pitched decently early in the season but still hasn't gotten out of the 6th inning. Speaking of short starts... Twins have Kyle Gibson who is 0-0 but an ERA of 7.71 and hasn't gotten out of the 5th inning yet. As usual, Gibby has looked good for a while then has one bad inning. Twins could use a good outing tonight as cracks in the bullpen starting to show up.

Game time 6:40. Beautiful night for baseball, hopefully more people show up tonight. First pitch at 6:40p.

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  1. I’m curious about the decision to start 6’1” Gonzalez at 3b & 5’9” Astudillo at 1b instead of the opposite. Toronto has only three pure right-handed batters in its lineup tonight, so it’s not likely to be a judgment about defense or mobility. I think Astudillo has the better arm, too.

          1. It's been the Blue Jays since the 70's

            DECADE: W-L Win % RS RA
            2010's: 22-40 35.5 4.3 5.4
            2000's: 33-39 45.8 4.2 4.8
            1990's: 42-73 36.5 4.1 5.0
            1980's: 50-64 43.9 4.0 4.7
            1970's: 26-6 81.3 5.7 3.5

            Orioles may have ended the Twins' 15-game win streak (actually, Aguilera ended it), but the Twins beat the Orioles in games 19, 20, and 21 of their 21-game losing streak to start the 1988 season.

        1. While I haven't seen those, I have seen Lecroy having a smoke with Kent hrbek in the tunnel at the dome before a game. (actually, I can't really remember if Lecroy was smoking or not.)

  2. Just ... why Tony? Rocco has defended the send aggressiveness at least twice when it hasn’t worked out, but I’m beginning to feel a bit ‘Ullgered’ about it all.

    1. With two outs, the threshold for sending a player changes. The next batter is Kepler. If you figure he has a 27% chance of getting a hit, and if you add wild pitches, at best a 30% chance of the Twins tying the game during Kepler's at bat. So if you think Cron can score more than 30% of the time on that play, you send him. It took two perfect throws to get him. I'm fine with the decision.

        1. Yup. Asking the offense to surmount two three run deficits late(r) in the game isn’t reasonable. Watching a pitcher flailing around, trying to get the third out of an inning to preserve a tie is aggravating for everyone.

        1. I believe he's saying that by virtue of a wild pitch, the chance of tie is around 30%. The chance of winning, which would require a hit, is less than that, around 27%.

      1. All of these comments are on point. It did take two perfect throws to get him, and watching it back, the play was even closer than it initially appeared. It wouldn't have been an issue had Gibson & May taken care of business. I guess I'm fine with the decision.

        My thinking (in the moment) was that, CJ Cron is not fast ... he's not. Yes, it did take two perfect throws to get him, but only because he's not all that fast. Also, I hate to see the final out happen on a play at the plate where even if successful, the run would only have tied the game (different in my mind if they'd been trying to walk it off), especially with the top of your order up and two runners in scoring position.

        Provided they got something of value, it's early enough in the season where these types of games are frustrating to the fans (and team I'm sure) but probably useful in terms of learning from the experiences.

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