39 thoughts on “2019 Game 15: Hogtown @ Mill City”

        1. Major pork /Squints/ ‘abattoir’ hmph ... abattoir? Abattoir...abattoir, /thumbs through dictionary/ Oh! Slaughterhouse gotcha .

  1. Decidedly not on the grill: Tofu spring rolls. Yeah, we're forgoing the pork for the vegetarian variety because we're trying not to eats the meats.

    1. I’ve pretty much given up salt for the sake of my vascular health. And like the good book says, life, or at least food, has lost a lot of its flavor.

    2. Burrito bowls here. Taco-ified ground turkey, riced cauliflower (in place of rice), black beans, and corn. Add accoutrements as desired.

      So incredibly good. Can only eat one bowl, though. They're deceptively filling.

    3. Did roasted sweet potatoes and rainbow carrots and a bourbon marinade (packet style, not scratch, but whatevs) bottom round steak, pan-seared and finished in the oven.

        1. I went with grilled salmon, a tomato-cucumber-blue cheese salad, and a Caesar salad. Plus some frozen peas so the kids would eat some vegetables. And a fair amount of Bulleit Rye. It's been that kind of day.

  2. Twins are pretty good with the get-back runs this year. A graphic the other day showed 48% of the time.

  3. I turned on the TV and caught Jack Morris pondering how a 1960s team would do today playing the same way. Talk about living down to my expectations...

  4. Is it just my feed, or does it seem like Dick’s just a step quick in his calls? Like on a strikeout, he’s calling it before a person could reasonably process that it’s a strike.

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