2016 Games 17 & 18: Twins @ Orioles – Let’s play two!

The Twins are coming off losing a fairly disappointing series against a very beatable Blue Jays team. Every game felt winnable, but they were only able to seal the deal once.

THANKFULLY, the Orioles seem as beatable, if not more so.

Let's see if Polanco can't continue his crazy run, and if they can't bring out the brooms for a doubleheader sweep today.

241 thoughts on “2016 Games 17 & 18: Twins @ Orioles – Let’s play two!”

  1. I should probably watch, but I finally got the big playset assembled and it's gorgeous out, so I'm sitting on my deck having a mule.

          1. Yeah, I was just enjoying the theater room (and new theater chairs). Being deep in a gin and tonic while watching on phone isn’t half bad, though.

  2. It's so ridiculously nice outside today. Already went on a 90-minute walk with the children, and played basketball for two hours. Let's just bottle this weather up and keep it for six months.

  3. They're showing aYelich highlight and it reminded me of how stupid their home run slide is without the beer mug.

      1. Aren't we 30 years into the 5-man rotation? Does this really need to be a discussion?

        1. Of the many things I can’t stand about Bert, the worst is “but that’s how today’s game is played.”

          1. That’s how it’s been played for decades
          2. Commenting on how today’s game is played is literally your exact job

    1. Two frozen pizzas here. Which I've also earned.

      I did brats on the grill last night. I boiled them in a pale ale I made and they were just wonderful.

    2. Mrs. Hayes just pulled fresh chocolate chip cookies she & the Poissonnière made out of the oven. We’re down to take-our tonight, but I’m not sure what yet. I’m thinking ribs...

      1. What's your go to for BBQ take out? Smoky Jon's, or is there another place I'm not aware of?

            1. Oh yeah, I totally forgot you had mentioned the BBQ trailer guy.

              I got a hankering for some good ass BBQ, so I might get some smoky Jon's next weekend.

  4. Cory just said Blake Parker is ill. I wondered why he didn't pitch the ninth. The pretty much leaves us with May, Harper, Mejia, Duff-man, and Romero. Eh, that could still work.

  5. I've been a critic of Garver in the past, but if he's hitting like this, then it really makes the fielding concerns diminish.

        1. I mean, he was pretty bad last year, so understandable. He's been shockingly good this year, though.

  6. You mean I've got to hear that Kid Rock commercial all the way until August? Good grief.

  7. Is the audio slightly asynchronous? Dick is calling some of these plays at least a half a second earlier than should be humanly possible.

        1. You’re talking about Cobb, but Davis actually was throwing BP late in the game.

          1. To Davis's credit, if the four pitchers the orioles used in that game, he has the lowest ERA.

  8. Sounds like there's a fair number of Twins fans there tonight. Or else a lot of the Orioles fans went home.

  9. So if running when you have a big lead violates the unwritten rules, does running when you're way behind also violate the unwritten rules?

  10. What a day. Got up and finished up the daughter’s car, it’s running like a Buxton now. Watched the first six innings of game one and listened to the rest on the way to and waiting for a table after checking in at Texas Roadhouse for my birthday dinner. After dinner we stopped at the park by the river for a little stroll, then home for some Frisbee with the dog. My mother, who has been here for six weeks helping out while I convalesced, headed home this morning so we have our empty nest back. After this game we’ll have some wine on the deck and then [Harm to Ongoing Matter].

  11. Is anyone falling in love with baseball listening to Kitty & Bert talk about how pitchers today need to throw more innings because they’re bigger, stronger, better trained, & making $15 million a year?

    1. I just saw the last couple innings on TV, which isn't fair because it was a blowout then. But if they spent the whole doubleheader talking as much about the sixties as they did at the end if would've driven me nuts. I love sixties baseball and the sixties Twins--that's what I grew up with. But save it for a podcast or the pregame show. When I turn on the 2019 Twins, that's who I want to hear about.

  12. Perez looks so much like Johann Santana from the centerfield angle. Wish he could find that Santana change up!

  13. Dont know how accurate the pitch tracker is, but Romero's fastball is moving a lot for 97 to 98 MPH.

    1. Is he due up to bat? It would be fun if he hit a home run too. Everyone else already has.

  14. I wish play-index let me search totals across doubleheaders. 11 home runs in one day sure is a lot.

  15. More LTEs in this double game log than any in 2018. Only six surpassed the century mark. If you exclude the "postseason" in 2017, also surpassed all game logs from that year too. Ten game logs reached 100 LTEs. You have to go back to 2013 to get any regular season game log to top 200 LTEs.

  16. I had a dream last night that I was watching this game and the Twins were letting it get away from them. The orioles hit back to back home runs, the second of which was a grand slam (it confused dream me, too) to make it 13-12. Then I woke up.

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