23 thoughts on “April 21, 2019: Dingerfest”

  1. Since Eddie got off to a slow start, I've been enjoying checking his stat line. He got his first hit in game 4, and had a lowly .229 OPS. It's now 1.090 for an OPS+ of 181. Not bad, but bad at all.

    1. The team leaders board is pretty fun right now. My favorite is that the twins are third in OBP despite being dead last in walks. That does give me some concern about how sustainable this is, but I'll at least enjoy it for now.

      Also, wow, Detroit's offense is terribad.

        1. If there is one thing I regret, its that I have't been able to watch that episode with someone who hadn't read the books. My wife had expressed a very slight interest in starting the series, but that probably won't materialize.

          1. Neither my wife nor I have read the books. We are plugged in enough to have a very good idea of what we were in for. But it doesn't matter how good an idea you've got, that's still a giant freaking gut punch.

            1. Also, just watched it. The gore for the two slit throats was so ridiculous that I laughed out loud. Probably not the mood they were seeking.

          2. I haven’t read and watched with people who have. Season 1 ep 9, given we were watching in a dark room, I could see the reflections on the faces around the room change as everyone looked at me to watch my reaction. That happened a few more times for sure.

    1. I am stubbornly avoiding the TV show until he finishes the darn books! I am probably the only one of my peer group who has not watched it, so I walk away anytime it is brought up.

      1. Same. I think I stopped somewhere in the 3rd season or so when it became obvious there was no way the books were going to wrap up in time. Truthfully, I don't expect they ever will come out (or at least I tell myself that to avoid further disappointment). If there's a final period on that sentence, then I'll go check out the rest of the show.

      2. I watched until the show caught up to the books, then I had planned to wait until the books came out to continue watching. Buuuuut, that didn't last real long when I just admitted to myself what I always knew: That those books aren't being finished by Mr. Martin.

        1. Yup, agree with both hungry joe and cheaptoy. I gave up a while ago on this series of books ever being finished. I thought Robert Jordan was slow in releasing his books, but Martin is now 8 years between books. Just silly.

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