2019 Game 20: Minnesota Twins vs. Houston Astros

The first place Twins come into Houston to play the second place Astros. Odoreater is coming off a decent start against the Blue Jays and has a decent career line against the `Stros. Will he nibble himself to death against a tough lineup? We will see.

The Twins did not have a fun visit to the Space City last year, getting swept and outscored 18-4. Let's hope their rejiggered lineup will have better results.

One last bit of randomness: after a truly half-baked search, I can't find what Peacock's middle name is. Only a middle initial of "J".

Minnesota Twins vs. Houston Astros

(12-7)                                          (13-8)

Minute Maid Park
501 Crawford Street
Houston, Texas 77002
8:10 PM EDT

Minnesota Twins Starting Lineup
1. Kepler, RF
2. Polanco, SS
3. Cruz, DH
4. Rosario, LF
5. Cron, 1B
6. Gonzalez, 3B
7. Schoop, 2B
8. Castro, C
9. Buxton, CF

Saint Louis Cardinals Starting Lineup
1. Springer, CF
2. Altuve, 2B
3. Bregman, 3B
4. Brantley, LF
5. Correa, SS
6. Gurriel, DH
7. Reddick, RF
8. White, 1B
9. Chirinos, C

Probable Starting Pitchers
Jacob Todd Odorizzi
1-2, 4.76
Bradley J. Peacock
2-0, 3.94

113 thoughts on “2019 Game 20: Minnesota Twins vs. Houston Astros”

      1. He did kind of pause before that word, so he may be tangentially aware that that is stretching it. Like, I would have accepted something along the lines of "he's not off to the kind of start he maybe would have liked."

  1. I really dislike the mlb blackout rules. I'm more than 5 hours drive from Houston, and I live in a city that had absolutely no interest in baseball at all, and yet I can't watch this game live because proximity. Boo-urns.

    1. On the plus side, you miss Dick’nBert.

      Wasn’t there some impending change to blackout rules coming? I thought it was this year, but maybe not.

  2. If Pizza Ranch has "the worlds best chicken" shouldnt they change their name to Chicken Ranch?

    1. Winner, winner, seafood dinner. We went to Raising Cane’s at my wife’s request. Sadly, she’s not into aquatic meats.

        1. I had an aunt and uncle that lived in NOLA for many years and they turned me on to Cajun and Creole long time ago, and I’ve always liked (most) seafood.

    1. I feel like I'm being robbed. I can see some lightning off in the distance but can't hear any thunder.

    1. Dick said it was the perfect relay throw by Polanco, but it was actually Schoop that made it since Rosario overthrew Polanco. Schoop has a good arm for a second baseman and quick hands.

  3. Heh, I like how nonchalant Castro was able to look making that tag because of how good the relay was.

        1. Holy crap, can't keep any secrets around this joint.

          Any predictions on when I make this comment in 2020?

  4. I think they’re over hyping this lottery commercial. Also, why use a voiceover talent with an English accent for a Minnesota themed ad, eh?

    1. I was talking to my sister in law's fiance who's a brewer fan and he was genuinely shocked when I mention that Schoop's been pretty solid so far.

      1. He's been inconsistent. He has 8 extra-base hits and 5 of them came in 2 games. He has 3 walks on the season and 2 of them came in 1 game. He's started 17 games and gone hitless in 10 of them and didn't reach base at all in 8 of them.

  5. That thin white border around the minute maid sign behind the plate keeps throwing me off. It seems like a second, but very wrong, strike zone display.

    1. I agree, but I also think another good arm might help. I feel like Falvey/Levine have a growth opportunity here too.

  6. That's a good win. They were a little sloppy against Baltimore, I thought. This was looking good against a good team.

    1. Unfortunately, the rainout in Baltimore robbed us of a Berrios v. Verlander matchup in Game 3, so it will be Verlander v. either the Twins bullpen or someone called up from AAA. At least Berrios will pitch against the Astros in Minnesota next week.

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