2019 Game 22: Minnesota Twins at Houston Astros

Kohl Stewart makes his 2019 debut trying to win the rubber game of the series. He brings a 6.00 ERA from Rochester, most it it from his previous start. He surrendered six runs over 4.1 innings.

Verlander meanwhile is lossless and continuing his late career resurgence into 2019. After a promising start to the series, I'm feeling less confident about winning it now. But now is as good a time as any to break that lack of losing streak!

19 thoughts on “2019 Game 22: Minnesota Twins at Houston Astros”

      1. No, heh, he might as well be though. (I said angel Jr.) Eddie wasn't remotely close to going around and whoever is back there didn't even bother to check with the third base ump. Very Angel-esque.

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