2019 Game 23: Baltimores at Twins

Oh hey, that's right, I said I'd do Friday game logs this year. This is just the second actual Friday game they've played so far, so I've not developed the habit.

Cobb for Baltimore, Perez for the Twins, and hopefully this weekend makes up for a few tough losses in Houston.

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  1. Rough outing for Chase De Jong tonight. One-third of an inning, four hits, three walks, seven earned runs. Ouch.

    1. Reliever Ryan Eades hasn't done too well, either. Four runs on four hits and three walks in an inning and a third so far.

      1. Eades ended up allowing seven earned runs on four hits and four walks in an inning and a third. D. J. Baxendale came in and so has given up two runs on three hits and a walk and hasn't retired anyone. Pawtucket leads 16-0 and is still batting in the second inning.

          1. I'm pretty sure they'll use at least one position player. Baxendale pitched just two-thirds of an inning and allowed three runs on four hits and a walk. Tyler Duffey is getting them out--the score's 17-2 in the bottom of the fifth--but he's already pitched 2.2 innings, so I doubt he'll go much longer.

            1. 2.2 was it for Duffey. Andrew Vasquez has thrown two innings now. The score remains 17-2 in the bottom of the seventh.

    1. I caught a few innings of Bert and Kaat with Dick, and it was almost all about the sixties. I got the impression that Kaat was more than willing to talk about the current players, but Dick and Bert kept directing him back to the old days.

      1. Yuuuup. Dick is very decent to good as long as Bert isn't around too goad him into bad habits.

    1. That or he's trying to play through an injury. He was a fine pitcher as recently as 2017, and he's only thirty-one, but he's sure not getting anything accomplished this season.

      1. I don't know that he's ever made it back from Tommy John. He had one kind of okay season, but all of his peripherals have fallen off a cliff. I remember lots and lots of articles about how there was a risk for any team that would sign him that he'd just never come all the way back.

        I know I was relieved when the O's took him.

    2. He's still got 2 years to go on his deal after this year for $14M & $15M. I believe some Twins fans were pining for the Twins to sign Cobb instead of trade for Odo. Looks like Cobb was out for '15 (TJ?) and hasn't been the same since. The 2 years before the injury, his K/9 was over 8. Since then, it's 6.3.

  2. Good thinking by Cron to let that foul popup drop so the Twins could get a double play instead.

  3. Cobb will be happy to not face the Twins anymore for a while.

    10 home runs in 13 innings. Has anyone ever done that to start a season?

    1. Phil Hughes started his 2012 season with 12 consecutive games giving up a home run. That was only 15 home runs however. He gave up four home runs the start after breaking the streak. Mike Fiers started his 2017 season giving up home runs for nine starts. He surrendered 18 home runs, which appears to be the highest number.

      The record for three starts appears to be seven home runs. Ervin Santana and Nathan Eovaldi came close this year at six. Cobb gets to blow that away with nine. He's in excellent position to surpass Fiers.

  4. Can you even imagine how many HRs A-stud would have tonight if he were playing?

    No. No, you can't. That's how many it would be.

  5. Farm report:

    Rochester trails Pawtucket 17-4 going to the bottom of the ninth. To my surprise, the Red Wings did not use a position player to pitch. Maybe they're planning to send to Pensacola for a fresh arm for the bullpen tomorrow.
    Pensacola trails Jackson 9-7 going to the bottom of the eighth.
    Fort Myers defeated Palm Beach 4-3. All their runs came in the fourth inning.
    Cedar Rapids leads Kane County 5-2 after eight.

  6. Was listening on the garage radio while working on cars. I forgot how much I like doing that. The boom-boom-boom inning was awesome. So was the wife’s homemade pizza. And so is the Castle Danger Cream Ale.

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