Fifth Monday Movie Day: The Big One Edition (All Spoilers Welcome)

Per popular demand, here's a forum to discuss the latest comic movie or whatever. This whole post will essentially be spoilers, but let's keep using Spoiler Boxes anyway so we don't sidebar spoil anyone.

Of course, please feel free to discuss whatever else you've been watching.

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  1. Carol Danvers

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  2. So.....Game of Thrones.

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    End Game: I didn't really get into "real" Spoilers in the CoC a couple of days ago, so here goes.

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    1. Forgot to mention.

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          1. Alright, I finally was able to watch it.

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                1. Ok, find, I went and re-watched the scene.

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        1. Agreed (though ‘favorite’ doesn’t feel like the right adjective). Even knowing what was to come, I was stunned by the action.

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      1. I still think the director or cinematographer could have paid a little bit more attention to the fact this is a TV show and people don't have the ability to watch on the highest quality screen.

  3. Hey, if you guys are going to spoiler things, identify whether they're Game of Night King or Avengers: Ender's Game, huh? I don't think any of us want to accidentally open one or the other unintentionally.

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      1. Hmm, maybe? It was close to 1am at that point for me. I might have missed the nuance of that particular plot workaround.

        Speaking of, for a three hour movie, I didn't appreciate 25 minutes of previews and commercials prior.

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  5. Bosch is closing in on surpassing Hill Street Blues as my favorite cop drama. (Given its broader concern for institutions outside the police, I don’t put The Wire in this category.)

    1. I must be missing something. I watched the first 3-4 episodes and hated it. It just felt so cliched. The play-by-his-own-rules cop that knows more then anyone. The 20-something girlfriend. The estranged daughter. Even the dialogue bothered me.

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  7. I finally got around to binging season one of Legion.

    ZOMG! Soooo good. So much better than any other X-Men TV show. Better than most of the movies. Now to see how I can get season two watched before season three starts.

  8. Game of crowns:

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    1. The boy realized yesterday that the only movie he hasn't seen yet is The Incredible Hulk.

      It's playing on TNT today.

    2. I have't read the article yet, but a $350 million domestic opening weekend would be all the proof needed that this dude is wrong.

    3. My wife mentioned that she'd probably see it eventually, and my response was "not to make it sound like a test or anything, but you've got a bit of homework to do, first".

      I haven't seen Guardians 2, either of the first two Thor movies, or Dr. Strange. It didn't really impair my ability to follow along or enjoy myself. I would say that at the VERY least, the first Guardians movie and the first Avengers movie are critical. Otherwise, as long as you're okay with missing a few in-jokes and (spoiler*), you're probably fine.

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    4. Besides Infinity War I haven't seen any other Avengers movies. Although I think I saw part of the one with Robert Redford (or is that Capn America?). I definitely had questions for son after Infinity War. I've seen all three Iron Man (maybe not #3), Black Panther, both GotG, Thor Raganark, the Spiderman movie, Dr. Strange, and Captain Marvel.

      So having said that, I definitely didn't get all the references in Infinity War, but enough to know what is happening, but probably some naunces went over my head. Haven't seen Endgame yet, but probably will in the next couple of weeks.

      1. I haven’t seen it yet either. If you want company, hit me up when you’re thinking about going and I’ll try to make it work.

    1. It actually looks like it might be kind of entertaining, potentially. Jim Carey hamming it up could be fun. The internet is being a little hyperbolic on the appearance of Sonic thought. He looked.... fine. Certainly not some sort of existential threat to humanity.

      1. He looked.... fine. Certainly not some sort of existential threat to humanity.

        It is on this point that I must strenuously disagree.

        1. I mean, its a talking, blue hedgehog wearing magical sneakers, what did everyone expect him to look like?

            1. Full disclosure: the main screenplay writer is from Minnesota and a frequent poster on Canis Hoopus.

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