59 thoughts on “2019 Game 26: Astros-Twins”

  1. In his first plate appearance with Fort Myers, Miguel Sano was hit by a pitch. I don't know any more about it than that, but he remained in the game.

        1. And Sano came out of the game after that. In the field, he had one ball hit his way and turned it into a forceout. 0-for-1 at the plate with a walk and a hit-by-pitch. I guess you have to start somewhere.

  2. Le Menu de ce Soir: slow-cooker spaghetti sauce (new preparation; a little looser than I would’ve liked), Fair State’s Hefeweizen, leftover loukoumades.

    1. Had to look up loukoumades, but I want one.

      I just had leftovers tonight and now I'm sitting watching the game having a mule and snuggling the kitten.

              1. I’ll seek that out. Sometimes I add a few dropperfuls of habanero bitters to get it where I like it. It’s not really the same kind of heat, but it works.

    1. Based on his last couple starts, I think he's gonna be figuring out life after baseball soon.

  3. I really love Buck, but I hope he’s able to add the pitch recognition to avoid the low&away sliders. The flail and whiffing is approaching Cuddyer levels.

        1. It was my comment about the pitching coach. I accidentally replied to you instead of creating a new one.

    1. I really hope he ends up hitting like Cuddyer. If Buxton hits like Cuddyer for his career, he's a borderline Hall of Famer with his defense and base running.

  4. Dizz has gotten better over the years, but I’m drunk already from drinking when he says fisted.

  5. Well, Pineda made it through five innings and we're still kind of in the game. I guess that's something.

    1. With two more against Houston and then the Yankees, probably worth the shot at preserving the bullpen a little.

      1. With eight relief pitchers, "preserving the bullpen" shouldn't be that big of an issue. Among Magill, Romero, Mejia, and Harper, we should have enough long men to cover four innings without having to use any of our main guys.

        1. Aspirationally, yes. But if it keeps just one more fresh arm that could be a win in a different game.

  6. I will say that Rocco is better than some managers we've had about leaving a pitcher in the game once the game is gone. Last year Magill would've been pulled after one inning, or maybe even before the inning was over, and we'd have used at least one more relief pitcher in a game we weren't going to win anyway.

    1. I may have spoken too soon. In Rocco's defense, though, it's easier to keep a pitcher in the game when he's throwing strikes and getting hit--eventually they'll probably hit one at somebody. It's harder when he's walking everybody.

  7. Not sure what Pineda's problem is, could be some arm weakness still, or maybe he just doesn't have a plan for getting outs the third time through a batting order. I suppose if you're going to lose, make it ugly and get it all out of your system. Perez goes tomorrow, Berrios on Thursday. I like our chances of at least a split.

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