2019 Game 28: Houston Astros at Minnesota Twins

Collin McHugh
Martin Pérez

The calendar rolls to May and the Twins resume starting at the usual 7:10 p.m. time. Hopefully they also resume scoring more runs than the other side.

46 thoughts on “2019 Game 28: Houston Astros at Minnesota Twins”

  1. Perez is benefitting from a generous zone, but he’s also pitching a really nice game.

  2. I'd have been around earlier, but my kids have been wild as hell tonight so I tried to distract them with the avengers. Glad to see it's 4-0 in a good way. Not glad to hear Sutcliffe.

    1. I'm unable to watch tonight, but am following.

      How does Avengers settle your kids down?

      1. I never staid settled, just distracted. Watching movies with these kids is a challenge because they never stop talking.

  3. Man, Perez is hitting the spots tonight. Six innings, zero runs on three hits, two walks and five strikeouts, and just 78 pitches so far. He’s dropped his ERA from 4.44 to 3.62.

      1. My thought process was “That’s too bad, how much will the Twins benefit from this?”

    1. First time a Twins starter completed eight. Berríos got close in his debut with 7.2.

  4. I know we're above this and all, but I'd still love to see Pérez out there for the 9th, if for no other reason than he's completely dominated this potent lineup.

    Get whoever you need up in the bullpen, but let Perez try to finish this.

    1. I’d be okay with that, especially with the 5-run lead now. He’s at exactly 100 pitches. But he’d be facing 3-4-5.

  5. Meat, that Rosedale dinner recommendation (the restaurant, not the mall) was phenomenal.

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